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s SubjectDate AskedExpertRefile - Divorce3/3/2008Lance MaloneHow to get monies owed to me from a company seized by the IRS3/2/2008Lance Maloneincome tax LAW2/25/2008Lance MaloneMaintenance of a Shared Road2/22/2008Lance MaloneFalse accusation of larceny2/22/2008Lance MaloneIs this legal?2/18/2008Lance Malonecontempt of divorce court2/16/2008Lance Malonebasment2/2/2008Lance Malonevehicle title1/27/2008Lance MaloneBench Warrant NYC1/26/2008Lance Malonemineral rights1/25/2008Lance MaloneSmall Claims1/24/2008Lance Malonechild laws1/24/2008Lance MaloneVandalism. Criminal/Civil?1/23/2008Lance MaloneVerbal Agreements1/23/2008Lance MaloneBad Checks1/20/2008Lance MaloneOwning a firearm with a felony.1/20/2008Lance Malonerecorded conversation without consent1/19/2008Lance Malonefriend says i owe for a vacation i payed ...
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Poor Dog Grooming

I have a Shitzue/Maltese puppy who is 4 months old.  I took him to the goomer for a slight trim and his eye's scooped in the corner where they drain a lot.  When I picked my dog up he looks like a five year old gave him the hair cut.  I told them I wanted his hair 2 inches long at least.  It is barely a 1/2 inch in length if that and so chopped ...
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Getting Transcripts From Private School

My daughter attended a private school for 9 years. She is now going into the 11th grade and due to the economic situation in my household, I can no longer afford the private school.  I have found a great public school for her to attend, however, the private school she was attending will not release her transcripts because I owe a balance from last year.  I told them I will make payments on it but ...
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I'm a very fit, young 60 yo woman(expert in another category) with a carry permit in my NY county.  I was thinking about a Sig Sauer to replace my Colt .38 det.spec. but then decided to go for a shotgun(home defense).  I'm only 5'1", weigh 116 pounds, have never fired a shotgun(or any long gun) and am trying to find a firearms instructor in my area right now.  I am researching shotguns, have come around ...
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1at Amendment/slander

I have a roommate who has been accused by women on more than one occasion of raping them. If I call him a raper while around the house, is this slander? In your opinion am I protected by the 1st amendment?
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Teacher Slanders Student

A Georgia HS teacher recently accused a student in that HS of initiating an online group that fosters racism and treason - calling the student(by name) a racist and accusing him of treason.  She spoke these words in at least one and likely several classes and reported the student's "racist and treasonous" actions to the HS administration.  She told her own students that if any of them were members of this group that she would ...
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Indemnity Bond To The Government Of India

Indemnity Bond

Dear Javed

I have signed an Indemnity Bond to the President of India on 12/06/09 for my friend, so that she could apply for her extension of visa. I quote: "And in consideration thereof, Mr. Mohiuddin hereby jointly and severally agree to provide or cause to be provided to the Govt. of India, suitable maintenance for the said....and in the event of Mr. Mohiuddin failing to provide or cause to be ...
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Fundraiser Buyouts

I am trying to locate information on the IRS's website that pertains to booster club fundraiser buyouts but I'm having a difficult time. The booster club at our high school is enforcing a mandatory buyout for any fundraiser when the minimum requirement of sales isn't met by the student. Where can I locate this information?
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s SubjectDate AskedExpertOmission of item from LS Contract2/23/2013Sanjay KhandelwalPlant and Design Build Variations2/22/2013John DowseClause 34.1 Claims Procedure2/22/2013John DowseContract at Large- Judegemennt copy.2/21/2013kermit dickAdvance payment2/21/2013Liaqat HayatBid form against Bid plan2/20/2013Sanjay KhandelwalBOQ and Preamables2/20/2013Jonathan L. PeraltaCompensation of satff salary in case of extesion of time2/20/2013John DowseProgramming2/20/2013Florin NICULESCUFIDIC Cl 14.102/19/2013Wael Ghadbansubcontractor information2/18/2013Sanjay Khandelwalhow to charge for non-productive laybour2/18/2013kermit dickContract Administration2/18/2013Manish GuptaOmission for L.S contract2/17/2013John DowseOmission In lump Sum contrct2/17/2013Peter M. ElliottRelevant Rates2/16/2013John Dowsepossession of site2/16/2013Sanjay KhandelwalCONTRACT DOCUMENT2/16/2013Peter M. ...
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Unsafe Poles At Gas Stations

hey richard I have had a similar accident involving a 3 foot concrete u    at a gas station that was not painted red or orange also it sits in front of a concrete pad that used to have a gas pump in front of it but was removed for an air hose what are the laws governing these poles at gas stations that initially set them aside as a hazard from drivers and why arent ...
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