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Ctw (criminal Trespass Warning)

Yesterday I was given a CTW(criminal traspassing warning) by the SAPD for being on a San Antonio College campus w/o being a student. AT THE COLLEGE, all my info was taken down, id, social security#, and my picture was taken. I have never committed a crime, have never even received a trafic violation.  So I am confused on what the CTW means to me.  Is this going to be on some sort of a criminal ...
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Harrassing, Unstable Neighbors

Missouri case. The couple next door, childless and in their late 30s, are harassing my family to within inches of mine and especially my wife's sanity. We can't let the kids play outside without direct supervision, we have to carry voice recorders at all times, and we keep a video camera within reach from the deck if we go out in the back yard at all.

Brief history: We bought the house late last ...
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Robbery Statute Of Limitations

  If someone is a suspect in an armed robbery of a person and could not be found, could they be charged and convicted after 7 years?
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I am currently on felony probation if I catch new charges and go do the time for them and also flatten the probation time I am on in jail. Will I still have to pay restitution and court cost and fines. Or does flattening a sentence in the state of Tennessee clear away all of that debt?
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Culpable Homicide

what is the leading case in involuntary culpable homicide in scottish law?
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Misdemeanor Warrant

Hi im having a concern my sister has a warrant for her arrest in illinois, she has a retail theft was suppose to do community service and never did it because they wanted her to pay to do the community service and she didnt have the money, so this was in 2003 the retAIL THEFT BUT THE WARRANT WAS issued in 2004 is there a expiration date on a warrant in illinois, or some type ...
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Animal Cruelty Officer/investigator Course Is Here In Ohio

This is more like a comment:


I work with an officer who teaches my Law Enforcement part of the course; The course is one weekend and is only $250, this is so it is more affordable for everyone who is interested can take the course.  Please see my crdentials at  www.apsmanypaws.com. This is NOT a peace officer course and you cannot arrest but you can ...
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Savage 65m

I cant find any parts for this gun, it is a .22 magnum and the barrel says 'MODEL 65M'. is there any way of telling what year it was made in and what it is worth, if anything at all. Thank you for reading this.

Travis Larsen
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Being A Detective

hello, my name is alex, and I am only 17 years old.I am wondering which career to pick. I like the idea of being a detective, and I have been interested in this career since I was 12. But honestly I wouldnt know what type of education I would need,(* But I want to go to a/any University). I would like to posssibly work for the FBI, investigating murders, kidnappings and rapes. But I dont ...
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Verbally Abusive Neighbor

My neighbor is a 62 year old female-alcoholic. SHe has on more than one occasion attacked me verbally outside--on the sidewalk in front of our houses(we live in a condominium development).  She has used profoundly foul language, called me Bi_, referred to my pet as an F-ing dog.  I have filed a police report on her once already and should have done that again on Sept. 15, 2011.  She launched another episode of verbally abusive ...
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