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Uriah Smith Fired 1902

Is there any source material for the firing of Uriah Smith? For some Adventists the claim seems unbelievable. Here is a quote from EGW that seems to challenge the idea that she had something to do with Smith being fired or that he ever was fired.

"I feel a strong sympathy for Elder Smith, and I believe that his name should always appear in the Review as the name of the leading editor. Thus ...
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How To Start Up A Porn Industry In Nebraska

Mike, I saw your posting about these girls wanting to get into porn, and it being technically illegal. How would one go about challenging the system to make it legal. I'm curious, and interesting to bringing Nebraska out of the 1980's. If there is any literature, or professionals, etc.. to talk too, I'd greatly appreciate it.  

Thank You, Ferris
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Psychology Of A Thief

Recently someone at work stole $70 from a $175 till.  I work at the A.R.E. and people there are pretty laid back, so of course, the first assumption was that someone miscounted.  No cops needed apparently.

At night, I counted the money as usual-twice.  I've counted money forever, and this drawer always has $175 cash only in it, so its not hard.

I locked it in the cabinet, but counldn't lock the cabinet ...
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How Can You Start The Conversation If Your A Sub?

I have been married for eight years and we have a great sex life. When I met my future husband,  I was a virgin and inexperienced as well(no blow jobs, hand jobs, etc.) I have always fantasized about being submissive. In real life, I'm too prude to tell him what I want, in my head I'm always imagining being raped and tortured. The problem is that being submissive in bed makes it hard to talk ...
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Choosing Song For Grandma

Hey, my grandmother's 80th birthday celebration is coming up and my cousin(who is female) and I are going to dedicate a song to her. We are going to perform in a hall. It is going to be an acoustic song, with me on the guitar and her singing. We're finding it hard to choose a song that would have lyrics applicable to my grandmother, who is sort of the head of my huge family and ...
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Francois Nicolas Fourrier Violin?

Francis Nicolas Fourre  

My in-law parents long-term loaned us a violin for our 12 year old to use as he is studying.  When I look inside I see is was made in 18??(last two digits are smudged) in Mirecourt, France.  (Spelled Miercourt on the violin label inside.)  Then for maker I see what appears to be Francois Nicolas Fourrier.  When I looked up the name it looked like it could be valuable.  Can ...
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Husband Accessed My Email Account Without Permission

Hello Chris, I would greatly appreciate your help with the following question: Background Information: I am in the middle of a divorce taking place in Massachusetts. During my marriage my husband was terribly abusive. During the months after we married he urged me to give him the password to my main email account. I did not do so as I wasn't comfortable with this, though the abuse escalated substantially when I did not submit to ...
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Serail Number Location


Thanks you so much. That was the only number I could locate on the gun.  I found this gun in a pawn shop.  This was so close to the gun that was stolen from my car in 1996.  I completed a police report in 1996. I have checked many times and they reported it hadn't been found.

I bought the gun yesterday and pulled my old box: I bought it in 1977. ...
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Threats On Facebook

I live in Texas and have been receiving threats to me, my family, my friends, as well as messages to others about me.  They keep making fake profiles, on facebook, because people will block them or turn them in and block their profiles.  The police are involved since they have been threatening to hurt me at my house, but they never show.  I know that they are just all talk and are trying to scare ...
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The Political Process

These are fairly easy, but I want to get a second opinion.

Thanks for any help you can provide here.

1.   If you were a specialist working for the National Security Agency, your main job would likely be     A. electronic surveillance.  MY ANSWER     B. analyzing and breaking coded messages.     C. analyzing data from spy satellites.     D. working in the field to carry out covert operations.  

2.   The largest proportion of federal ...
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