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508c1a Verses 501c3

The Church want to be free and clear of the state, if a 508c1a has been filed. Why  would the filing be filed as a incorporation and not a church? Would that put the church back into the state?
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Non Profit Member Dues/umbrella 501(c)(3)

We are in the Organizational phase of establishing a non profit organization for our Competitive Dance Company.  I have spent a lot of time researching but am still confused with Membership Dues and the disadvantages/advantages of collecting them from members.  Specifically I'd like to know if the collection of membership dues jeopardize our chances at getting final approval for 501(c)(3)?  Or if it's even possible to be a non profit and require membership dues.   ...
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respected sir could u plese help with these quetions...please!!

1.   Calculate the mean, median and mode from the following data relating to production of a steel mill for 60 days

Production(in tons per day)   21-22   23-24   25-26   27-28   29-30

Number of days   7   13   22   10   8

2.   A restaurant is experiencing discontentment among its customers. It analyses that there are three factors responsible viz. food quality, service quality and interior ...
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Reclassifying From 501c8 To 501c3

Our fraternal organization parent org is changing direction and we no want to change our local chapter from a 501c8 by reclassifying into a 501c3. We are the caretakers of a local community hall and we really are in essence a public charity. There are over 100 other orgs like this in our state, many want to move to 501c3. What are the steps and rules, esp to retain our original corporate identity/EIN number. We ...
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501(c)(7) Requirements On Voting

I belong to a 501(c)(7). The Board is wanting to do away with the requirement that members vote for Board members. That would make the Board self perpetuating.

My understanding of Chapter 7. Exempt Organizations Determinations Manual from the IRS, specifically, where it states:  (02-23-1999) Rights and Privileges

1.   Member’s rights and privileges are as follows:

A.   A regular member has the right to vote and determine the management, ...
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Canned Chicken...

I just opened a can of Tyson canned chicken to make chicken salad sandwiches for my sons. Upon opening it I noticed what kinda looked like black ink mixed w/ that nasty slime stuff on the outer edge of the lid. I always rinse and/or wipe away as much of the slimy stuff as possible but I don't know what that black stuff is. My can opener is a piece of junk, barely works so ...
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Dba Two Entities Under Single 501c3

Is it possible to have a single legal entity with an already granted 501c3 status by the IRS create two DBAs such that the non profit program can be expanded? We created a non profit corporation and received 501c3 status for our program Teaming Up For Teens. It provides support to homeless teens. We've now got a second program for homeless veterans and would like 501c3 status without shelling out another $400+. Can we rename ...
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Donor Made The Check Out To The Dba

Dear Harvey:

Back in 2010 you answered the following question(see below).  Could you please clarify that even though the donor made the check out to the DBA … it could still be recognized as tax exempt from the parent organization?  I am in fiscal sponsorship situation awaiting re-instatement from the IRS but have donations made out to my organization.  Just need to confirm that if the fiscal sponsor claims all of my accounting in ...
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Forced Pto - Unaccrued

Good Afternoon,

My employer instated a policy two years ago stating that employees are required to take 40 hours of PTO during the Christmas timeframe.  I am already aware from my research that this is legal(forced PTO).  My question however is in reference to unaccrued PTO.

I started with this employer roughly six months ago and have less than eight hours of PTO at this time.  My accrual rate for PTO is about ...
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Gift Cards Taxability

s About Taxes)/Gift Cards Taxability Advertisement Expert: John Stancil, CPA - 7/22/2009 If a company purchases gift cards to be given out via a drawing at a company function and everyone in attendance, employees and non-employees, are eligible to win, would the company be required to tax the gift card and report it as taxable earnings for the employees that win?  Or would this fall under "gambling winnings" and become the responsibility of the winner ...
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