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Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)



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Pittsburg Safe Combination

I am helping a family member attempting to open an old Pittsburg Safe Company safe.  It is labeled Pittsburg Safe Co. Pittsburg, PA.  We have 3 numbers we were told was the combination and we have a key we believe will open a 2nd door.  The combination lock has numbers between 20-100 with blank space between those numbers.  The combination lock has "Pittsburg Safe Co" on it.

I can't seem to find the correct ...
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Terry V. Andreasen(Andy)



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Rough Estimate On Safe

Safe Outside  Safe Inside  

Good afternoon.

I am hoping you might be able to give me a little information(including value) on this safe. York Safe & Lock Co, York, PA  -York Floor Fire Insulated Safe  

20"W x 20"D x 28"H

one hour classification

Numbers on inside

Group 1 #71503

Spec F1-D     1Y16496

S.M.N.A. Rating 1 hour  Exposure - Cat # 2015-1
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Corn-on-the-cob, Slimy Before Cooking

I received packaged shucked corn on the cob that was a bit slimy.  I'm wondering if boiling the corn will kill any bacteria that may be present, or if I need to pitch the corn.
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Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer Leon D. Bayer



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Noc From Psu During Bond Period

Sir, I have joined PSU in July 2014 as MT. At that time I have given a bond to company to serve them for 3 years after training. One of the condition in bond was " During the period of training and for three years thereafter as aforesaid the TRAINEE agrees and undertakes not to seek employment anywhere else nor enter the services of any employer whatsoever". Now in July 2015 my training period got ...
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Fidic Clause 13.8.5

Dear Mr. Elliot,

I am working as a Contracts Manager in road projects of Ethiopia. My question is as follows:

In cl 13.8.5, it is mentioned that if the 'currency of index' is not the relevant currency of payment....and so on. Now, if the base index of Foreign labour is mentioned as LPI(Labour Price index) of any foreign country,how can it be converted into payment currency as INDICES and CURRENCY are completely two ...
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Buying An "as Is" Vehicle With Pre Existing Problem

I live in Indiana and im buying a used 1999 Honda Accord  "as is" and it had a pre existing problem that the lot said they would fix before i came the next day to pick it up well after picking it up and driving it for about two hours the check engine light came back on which was the problem they said they would fix . I had the car one day and now ...
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