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Mr Elliot, My Husband And...

Mr Elliot, My husband and I are owners of a newly constructed home on the Ohio area.  Over the past two years we have been unable to get resolution of many of the items listed in our `final walk through` with the builder.  In addition, we have found other issues that we`d like to have addressed by the builder.  However, they have not made any attempts to resolve our issues.  Any suggestions of how we ...
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Bodyguard For Porn Stars

i am wondering if there is a demand for Body gaurd in the pron industry and if so how does one get into that
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Temporary Employee

I have been working for a company in California as a temporary employee for over 14 months. I do not get any benefits from my employer; even though I work 5 days a week, 40 hours a week and work the same amount of overtime as the permanent employees. I am not employed through a temp agency. I do the same jobs as the permanent employees. My HR manager says the company has the right ...
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Ms-01 Assignment Questions

1.What are the essential components/indicators/determinants of organisational climate and organisationalculture? Take example of two organisations, list out the component/ indicators/ dimensions of their climate and culture and explain their corresponding perceived major focus, wit example. Briefly describe the organisations you are referring t.

2. what are elements of an organisation structure, and the factors influencing its choice/ Take example of two organisations and explain with logic as to how are their structures suited to ...
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Over Head No Ball Rule

If the Ball is bowled over the batsman's head but still he manages to hit the ball with bat, is it still called a No ball or is it a fair deliver?
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Chihuahua's Back Legs

We have a mini chihua, this is the second time he seems to have dislocated his back legs. Our vet seemed to say this happens in smaller dogs(he is about 6 lbs). They seemed to have gone back the last time, happened last winter as well....can I give him anything for pain....is this dumb, but advil, tylenol, aspirin?
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Firefree Plus Roofing By Re-con Building Products


We had a new roof installed in 2000, with Firefree Plus materials by Re-Con Building Products. Despite a 50 warranty, our roof is covered with broken tiles and damage after 12 years. In doing a bit of research, it looks like the company, the product, and the roofing company are now gone. There was an $18.6 million settlement on October 16, 2007 for Firefree Tiles. How and with whom do we file a ...
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Investment, Security And Portfolio Management

Dear Sir,

Please help me to solve these questions.

1.   Assume that you are a dealer of NSE and BSE. If an investor or group of investors approaches you for a valuable advice of investing several lakhs through your dealership network what will be your advice? Explain the strategies.

2.   How would you characterize the behaviour of the stock during the period relative to the market? State ...
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Organisational Development And Management Of Change

Sir please help me to do this assignment.

1.From all the millions of organizational development templates, models and approaches, how do you choose something practical? Something that will give you and your clients the results that they want. Illustrate with all with real life examples. 2.Assume that you are the manager of a company. Your responsibility is to develop your organization. In that condition how would you manage the organization development interventions? 3.Classify change. ...
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Unifund Ccr Partners & Summons

I was served a summons and have to appear in court this Thursday(11-16-06) for an old credit card debt.  I am freaked out about this, I don't have money, I don't own a home, basically living month to month barely.  I have never heard of UNIFUND before, but pulled my credit reports and there are 3-4 entries on it for them for this one account.  The credit card was originally First card then it was ...
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