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Bankruptcy Ch 7


My wife filed ch7 and she was discharged, we had 2 cars(me & her on the contract)  from a lender that was paid off after we filed a motion, now the remaining balance on what we owed on the cars is showing up on my credit report, how can i clear it since it was paid off?

Thank you.
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Chapter 13 Timeline

I just started working for a law firm in Santa Clarita as a legal assistant. I'm trying to learn as much as I can about Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. I've looked all over for a simple timeline of the Chapter 13 process and have not been successful. Is there anyway you could summarize the chapter 13 process into a basic timeline?

ANSWER: The basic timeline for a Voluntary Chapter 13 bankruptcy is ...
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Chapter 7 - Surrendered Vehicle

Several years ago I bought a motorcycle from Yamaha, for which Yamaha put the financing on a store creditcard. I stopped making payments in 2008 when suddenly the monthly payment doubled, and I could no longer afford it. Yamaha never contacted me to demand the motorcycle back from me. Apparently they charged off the account and sold it to a debt collector(Oliphant). Earlier this year I filed pro se chapter 7 bankruptcy in New Mexico, ...
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Chapter 13

ive been in chapter 13 for about 2.5 years im in it for 5 years.i have a chance to rent a house and want to know if i can sell my house rent the other house and get out of 13.ther is about 50% of my 13 is the mortgage  
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Fraud Victim

I have been a victim of fraud twice over the same issue.  First, I was a victim of mortgage fraud.  To make a long story short, my loan officer adjusted my numbers on my loan application, and in turn, I received a larger loan in which he ended up running off with and left me with the bill after I purchased the home.  Since then, I have not been able to make payments and have ...
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Settlement Agreement Negotians

Mr. Lee, I filed Chap.7 in 6/30/09. One creditor in the amount of $5012.99 ONLY. This trustee has filed TWO adversary complaints against me and has deliberately drawn this out over a 4  year period of time. I've been representing myself for the past 2.5 years because no other attorney will touch it.  They also went against my son.

I had filed a Mot. for Summary Judgment, and a MOt. for Sanctions against the ...
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Ldg Financial

I was contacted by LDG financial on June 25. I had never heard of them before nor had I received any correspondence from them. I asked for something in writing regarding he debt and who it was for. She stated that they had already sent me a letter. I asked her when a letter was sent, and the balance due. The representative gave me two different amounts due, and different dates that this supposed letter ...
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Lien Against Property

Hi, I live in Tn & filed BK in '04. All the debt was from a previous divorce in '00 that I was co signer on. I remarried in Feb '03 and we bought a house in oct "02. We have now sold our house & are supposed to close next week. Here is the problem, I just happen to talk to the title company & they told me a creditor(that i filed on) had ...
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Ch. 7 Bankruptcy And Form 982

s About Taxes)/Ch. 7 Bankruptcy and form 982 Advertisement Expert: John Stancil, CPA - 4/12/2009 I filed BK(chapter 7) in 2008 and all my debts were discharged(credit cards mostly). After reading this and other sites it looks like I do have to file form 982. But I called IRS and on two occassions I was told they do not care about my BK and that I do not have to file any forms and I ...
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Landlord Filed Chapter 7

Mr. Horner,  My landlord filed chapter 7 just 2 weeks ago.  My lease expires May/2011, and I am concerned about my security deposit. I got the Form 9A considering me a "creditor".  I understand that I can file Proof of Claim, but what I don't understand is how can I file for this now if "technically" I am not entitled to the security deposit yet since my lease expires May/2011. Our relationship with landlord has ...
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