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Nerve Damage After Back Surgery.

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Nerve Damage After Back Surgery.

Postby Dunlop » Thu Feb 05, 2015 10:38 pm

I have had two back surgeries a year apart, first one being June 2005, they removed the herniated disc at L1S5. It was an outpatient surgery. They felt there was a possibilty that all of it wasn't removed. I was able to walk better with a little less pain for  a month or so but not wihtout medication of couse. I kept telling them something was wrong but they continued to prescribe medication and told me that I just needed to exercise more. Six months later after constant complaining to them via telephone.....they decided to do another MRI, due to husband changing jobs, insurance was not due to come into effect for another month so they wouldn't do the surgery until then. At this point the MRI reveal that my vertebrae had calcified due to rubbing bone on bone for so many months before they listened to me. Then when the day came for insurance to take effect...they told me they couldn't do the surgery till I paid my balance from the first on of 420.00. I told them I could not afford that at this time but would make payments so they refused my surgery and I had to seek another.

I immediately found another. He did my surgery(although test revealed I had large amounts of acetementaphine my blood which had damaged my liver and kidneys) I had made an OD attempt a month prior due to my pain and my husband wanted a divorce at this point.

At the last minute the neurosurgeon tells me that my insurance will only cover 60/40 so if i seemed ok after surgery he would let me go home(an hour ride from the hospital). His reason was to save me money.

He did a spinal fusion with two titanim screws and a bone graph. I was able to walk better than I had in years, the first doc told me that if I didnt have the first surgery I would be paralyzed from the waist down in six months...at any rate...after the fusion, the new doc discovered I had nerve damage in my right leg and he assured me that it would repair itself. It has not, I am constantly falling at work among other places....at night my calf cramps so bad it has locked up to the point where I was literally carried to the ER and given a medication they give athletes for muscle cramps.

I had not seen my neurosurgeon in two years. He dropped me when my husband left me and I had to move to my Dad's in Mississippi. I asked him for a release for work and he wouldn't give me one so I have been working in pain ever since. I took myself off the pain meds he prescribed because they weren't working anyways.

When these symptoms starting becoming worse this year...I called them and asked if he could see me or give me some advice as what to do because the nerves were pretty much short circuited. The nurse put me on hold very briefly and came back and informed me that he was having her call in all the meds I had been on two years prior. She explained to me that since I didnt have insurance any longer that they couldnt see me cos an appt is 500 a visit, that he was just a surgeon and all he could do is prescribed meds even if I came in.

I tried the meds now for two months, I contacted them today again to inform them this was not working and if he could change it to something stronger, he seemed pretty put out about it and has referred me to a pain clinic.

I really feel that he was incompetent for one performing the surgery knowing I had JUST overdosed on the same meds he prescribed me...as well as the charts showing I had damage to the liver and kidneys, yet he continued to prescribe this medication, I feel that he was unethical to have sent me home less than four hours after the fusion in a back brace for such a long ride, just to save me money? I am not so sure that he hasn't done something seriously wrong to me. I live in daily pain and I feel he is responsible and the fact that he isn't taking responsiblity is quite frustrating. He told me the nerves would repair, yet they did not and have not, the pain is now also moving into the leg that originally had no pain or affect whatsoever from the surgery.

Please tell me what I can do if anything...


Loretta Holland
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Nerve Damage After Back Surgery.

Postby Rhobert » Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:19 am

You need to see a malpractice lawyer. He will be able to sort out all this work you have had done on your back. Unfortunately, yours is a common story. Back surgeries are often ineffective and often do more harm than good.  Neither of your surgeries sound as if the surgeon knew what he was doing. Your recital of rejection by doctors suggests two things: first, that your complaints annoy the doctors; and second, that they know they did lousy jobs and don't want to admit it. The insistence that you pay up before the doctor will correct his surgery is an illustration of today's money mad doctors. That doctor made far more than $420 with his 'normal' charges to your insurance company.

Your story of kidney damage because of over use of medicines is also common. You do have reason to sue for malpractice against both doctors. The overuse of medicines is only one cause of action against both doctors. Failure to monitor your recovery is another. The damage to your sciatic nerve(or a branch of it) is another. A good lawyer and his experts may find more examples of malpractice as they study your case. Now, when I say you should find a lawyer and sue those doctors, that does not mean you will win your case. But you must sue because that is the only way anyone will ever know about these doctors.

You story here is long and not too clear. What you need to do is to sit at your computer for several hours and type a BRIEF outline, giving dates, names and procedures(what the doctor did). Go over this outline a couple of times to make sure it is clear and that you have recalled everything that may be important. Then print several copies of this outline. When you talk to a lawyer give him a copy of the outline. That will help him as he interviews you to find out what has happened.

You may need to go to another county for your lawyer. So start out with the Yellow Pages for the next counmty or large city and start calling lawyers who say they do medical malpractice work. Good luck.
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