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My neighbor thinks i hit her car while parking!!? how far can she go?

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My neighbor thinks i hit her car while parking!!? how far can she go?

Postby tahmelapachme33 » Wed Mar 28, 2012 10:49 am

I parked our van right across the street last night. I had enough space as theres a driveway right behind where i parked...so there is no car behind me only my neighbors car in front of me. Im very confident and more than 100 % sure i didnt hit it. She tells my husband this morning that if we dont pay for her repairs and deny her claims than her lawyer will get in touch with me and she took couple of pics that my van was parked very close to her car. Cmon can she do that for a silly scratch (god knows where she got it from)?????...I know she might not get nothing out of it since no evidence...but its going to be a waste of my precious time if I really have to go to the court...i tried to put some sense into her brain..told her dat we all get bumps n scratches on our cars but you cant just blame the car parked next to you..we all know about nyc parking....I also told her that we are nice people and definitely would have admit if it was our fault..she answers me "oh yeah..so how come i saw ur hubby smoking marijuana one day"..how the **** this is her business..i never poke my nose into my neighbors business...i should be the one spying on my hubby not her!!! lol. anyways, i didnt have the energy to continue talking to her...so i advised her to do whatever the hell she wants.
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My neighbor thinks i hit her car while parking!!? how far can she go?

Postby ashly » Wed Mar 28, 2012 10:52 am

Let her get a lawyer.

Make her prove you hit her car. I.E. Witnesses. Paint from your vehicle on hers. Paint from her vehicle on yours. Matching damage on your vehicle. Match the height of the damage to the bumper of your vehicle. Pieces of your vehicle near her car. Etc.

Then, even if there is proof, what's to say that she didn't hit your parked car? She must prove that you hit her and she didn't hit you. Unless she has witnesses it is her word against yours which isn't enough to win in court.

She needs proof. Not she thinks or she feels. She needs actual proof.

Let her get her lawyer. Call her bluff. I bet she doesn't do it. Unless her car was totaled from this hit and run, the cost of a lawyer will far exceed what it would cost to have her car repaired.
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