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My Mom Had A Stroke

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My Mom Had A Stroke

Postby Beauregard » Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:25 am

My mom had a stroke last year and the hospital treated her with medication. They told us to go home that she would be fine, the next morning we got a phone call saying she had died. The doctors said that is was complication from the medication and took full responsibility. My question is can we sue the hospital and if yes is there a length of time given to do so?
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My Mom Had A Stroke

Postby Addae » Fri Dec 02, 2016 8:18 pm

The time period in which to file a malpractice claim depends on the State you are in. In CA, it is one year. So, you better contact a local atty as soon as possible. In my years of practice I have never heard of something as what you describe; where the hospital says "oh sorry, we screwed up the medications and that killed the patient". It is rarely so simple and even rarer for someone to admit it.  How old was your mother, what type of stroke, what was the medication? Your basic question, "can you sue the hospital"? is so obvious, I am thinking maybe you are not in the USA. If not, then I can't answer the question.  I strongly suspect that the hospital did not flat out say they killed her with the medication. That was your interpretation or misinterpretation. Maybe she would have died anyhow and the medication was a last heroic effort to save her. It just can't be as simple as you think it is. If you are in CA, call me asap. 805-965-1046.  Also, I have to believe if the hospital said "oh, so sorry, we killed your mother", you would not have waited this long to inquire about your legal recourse. Sorry, this doesn't make sense to me. Feel free to write again.
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