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Moving out at 17 and a half?

The law of the sea.

Moving out at 17 and a half?

Postby fenwick » Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:48 am

I'm a 17 and a half year old female. I've been waiting for years to finally be let go from everything. I'll make it simple and short. It's not a " I'm almost 18 I can do whatever I want" type of situation. I grew up isolated and neglected. Living a life of sexual, verbal, and physical abuse. I've been through years of severe on and off depression, but I made it through everything, and because of it I've become a stronger person. You might say I've waited this long, I could wait what little bit time I have left. Lately I've been reaching another low, and I just need to get away. This place is just bringing me down. I want to have a new start, in a loving home, away from reminders. I'm currently engaged(I've known him since kindergarten), and I am more than welcome to move in with my fiance and his parents. His mother is the closest thing I have ever had to a mother. I love his parents just as much as they love me. And there I have a family. I feel safe, and at ease with my emotions. I'm just wondering under these circumstances, if my father could legally stop me from moving in with them, or would the law allow me to, as long as I am in a good environment, and I stay in my online schooling. Considering the fact that I will be turning 18 in less then a half a year. I need straight forward answers. Should I maybe contact a lawyer to get legal advice? More than anything I want to start building a life for myself. Just not here..
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