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Mirena Iud Breaking

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Mirena Iud Breaking

Postby Marwin » Wed Apr 08, 2015 2:05 am

I had the Mirena device inserted in 09. I had it for 5 years with some discomfort, but no major problems. In 2014 I had it removed and had another Mirena sitting beside the doctor to replace the old one.  The device broke when the doctor pulled on the strings causing serious pain(almost equivalent to child birth pain).  A piece of the device was embedded in my uterine wall.  I then had to undergo a hysteroscopy procedure to remove the broken piece and the doctor isn't sure if he got it all out since it was a small fragment. I am now facing the possibility of having a husteroctemy at the age of 34 if all of the Mirena didn't get out.   Is this a common occurrence?
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Mirena Iud Breaking

Postby Eudard » Fri Apr 10, 2015 11:32 pm

Jamie:  As a bit of background, back in the 80s and 90s I represented hundreds of women harmed by the Dalkon Shield IUD and was able to obtain substantial compensation for them.  I went onto other defective medical product cases but continued to receive calls about Mirena.  Uterine embeddment, uterine perforation, inability to even locate the device inside somewhere were very common issues indeed.  So yes, your experience is far more common than it should be.  That is why after several years enough such cases have come to the surface to create strong litigation pressure against Mirena and its manufacturer, Bayer.  On the internet there are a large number of lawfirms soliciting for cases like yours.  You can call one of them and discuss your case.....there won't be any cost to you.......or you can write back to me and I would be willing to review your case.........no cost or obligation.  If the problems you have described appear to result from one of the known defects in the Mirena as opposed to medical malpractice or other possible causes, I would probably offer to take your case on a strict contingent fee basis.  No recovery no fee.  You can contact me directly at 805-965-1046   Glenn Dorfman
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