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Mileage For Consultants

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Mileage For Consultants

Postby Vagn » Mon Dec 29, 2014 3:11 pm

s About Taxes)/MIleage for Consultants Advertisement Expert: John L. Tidwell - 1/10/2011 I am a Consultant for a Firm, but I drive everyday directly to the client.  I know from previous questions you have had that I can deduct all mileage above what I would drive to my employer office, but I am wondering if I just deduct those miles or if I expense them an my company should pay me.  I am wondering if it is an either or situation?

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Mileage For Consultants

Postby warton26 » Mon Dec 29, 2014 9:52 pm


Personal use/ Business use of a vehicle is the most mis-understood business expense.  If the business owns a vehicle and provides it to you to use you must pay for the personal use of the vehicle and the company claims the business use.

Since you have your own vehicle and you use the vehicle for the "convience" of you employer for the furtherance of your employers business you can claim the business use of the vehicle on form 2106 form attached to your tax return form 1040.

If on the other hand your employer reimburse you for the use of your vehicle then you would report to the employer the miles you drive and they would pay you so much a mile and take a deduction for your paid miles.

Anyway, you must accurately distinguish between business mile and personal miles.  The best method I have found is to record the miles at the start of the day the miles at each stop and the end of the day miles.  If you drive from your home to the client and to other stops before you get to your office or you may not go to your office at all remember to deduct from your miles the miles to your office and miles back to your home.  We all must pay for our own commute miles commute miles are not deductible.  You get to use the federal miles rate which I believe for last year was .50 per mile.

If you have additional question please ask me.

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