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Postby Montie » Fri Oct 31, 2014 10:42 am

What are the main disqualifiers for the Maryland Transportation Authority cadet program? I know that the md state trooper cadet program cancels if you used marijuana more then 20 times or within the past 3 years, whats it like for the MdTA? What do you mainly do as a cadet and what is the academy like?
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Postby Garmond » Mon Nov 10, 2014 1:14 am

Hey there, Nick!

I am sorry to say that I am not from Maryland and since the laws of states differ from one another, I don't want to try to steer you wrong by just telling you the laws about weed usage as a dis-qualifier for my state.  

On the answer to the question itself, you could   contact the department itself, ask to speak to the "duty officer" or whoever it is that answers questions for the public and ask them   this question.  You could get lucky and get a person who will give it to you straight rather than giving you the politically correct answers. It would be a gamble, but hey, if they don't give it to you straight, you only wasted a phone call, right?


Because I am too curious for my own good, your question made me curious, so I started looking at MdTA to see what they were about!

Here are some things I found that might help you:

#1.)  Here is a link to the recruitment page that let's you know what the minimum qualifications are(even though you probably already have it):http://www.mdta.maryland.gov/Police/recruitment.html

** By the way--I checked the academy's list of what you go through.  It all looks like standard police academy stuff with an emphasis on traffic law & traffic stops.  MOST police academies are pretty difficult physically, mentally, and emotionally.  But they are designed to be that way to weed out the weak.  If you want a visualization of police academy--think military boot camp while going to college classes all day.  For. MONTHS!  

#2.) In looking at MdTA's page--they have a cadet program event going on 3 days from now.  Did you know that part?  I don't know if you care to go to it or not, but hey, if you're seriously interested, you could go and meet some people.  Sometimes, going to these types of things & kissing a lil bootay gives a recruit-hopeful a special contact(who later helps that recruit by putting their application to the front of the line!).  

Here's the link for that:http://www.mdta.maryland.gov/Police/RecruitmentEvents.html#08232010b

(you have to scroll to the bottom of the page, past the "women empowerment" thingy.

#3.) In my lil google search, I also found a talk forum where some guys were answering a question about "where to find a good cadet program".  They mentioned your MdTA, but also provided links to other cadet programs.  So if you're just wanting to be in ANY cadet program, or searching for a way to get your foot in the door of law enforcement in ANY agency near you, you can check out the links in this forum.

Here's the link to that forum I found:http://forums.officer.com/archive/index.php/t-103076.html

Okay, brother, lastly--State Troopers in almost ALL states are the most hardcore about past drug usage.  So if you've smoked a bit in your time but you want to get into law enforcement, you'd be better off applying with the city police or the county sheriff's office. City & county agencies are more lax on past weed usage.

You should also   know--if you like to smoke weed, and you do not think you can quit, law enforcement may not be for you.  I don't say this because I worked Vice & "hate drug users."  I don't.  If it wasn't illegal, I might have lit up too!   However   ... cops   who get caught using drugs, or just smoking a little weed?  You can almost guarantee   that cop is going to get the maximum   sentence from the prosecution.  Cops always get the harshest sentences for committing crimes(when they get caught).  

* If this last part about smoking doesn't apply to you, cool.  But I took the time to tell you this last part just in case it saves you some trouble down the road. I've been in on some cases where we took down guys we worked with for this.  It was nothing nice...for any of us.  

So.  If I knew what your goals are or your money situation is, I'd give you more suggestions.  If you want to reply to me with "here's what I want, here's where I want to get to, what's the cheapest way", I'll be happy to answer.

Good luck to you in your career, brother!

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