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Master Degree In Norway And A Job Perspective

The law of the sea.

Master Degree In Norway And A Job Perspective

Postby Keondre » Sun Jun 29, 2014 2:28 pm

Dear Sir.

I read your a lot of answers about Norway and seems to be proper to ask my questions. I am aged 28(birth year 1983), studied maritime managent with navigation in university and worked for shipyard for 2 years and now serving for coast guard.

In the autumn semester of 2013, I am planning to go Norway to get a master degree and a job after finishing it.

NTNU, UIO and Vestfold University is suitable for my major, maritime trasnportation, hence I would apply all of them.

Of course, The best choice will be NTNU(Marine tech) and UIO(Maritime law) but it is unpredictable that I will be able to get a admission from one of them or even from Vestfold Uni(Maritime management).

In brief, My questions is

How about the reputation of Vestfold Uni Maritime management Master degree? Is it feasible to find a job after degree? Plus, I heard that there is maritime clusters around Vestfold, Is it effective and worth to select for my master degree?

Thanks for reading my question and looking forward to having your reply soon.
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Master Degree In Norway And A Job Perspective

Postby Kaarle » Sun Jul 20, 2014 8:03 am

These are three utterly different studies. NTNU is a highly technical university, where you wil study engineering.

UIO is an academic university where you study theory and law

HIVE is a practial maritime management college where you study practical application of management.

we don't really rank our schools. It hardly matters where you study as long as you are good at what you do. There is not much of an OB-network here to rely on.

Wether you get a job after graduating or not is impossible to predict. Right now the markeet is good for the students but these things change every two years.

My dad is manager of one of the branches at HIVE(Vestfold University College), and I live 3 km away.  Depending on what you want to achieve, it could be the best place to go.
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