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Massachusetts Stolen Car Towed

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Massachusetts Stolen Car Towed

Postby Alistair » Fri Dec 26, 2014 12:52 pm

Hi, I recently had my car stolen, and the theif crashed the car into a guardrail on the highway and ran off.  Subsequently, the car was towed by the State police.  I filled out the police report, and I have basic coverage, so none of the expense from my car being totalled and towed are covered by my insurance.  I called the tow truck company and asked how much the expense would be, and what to do if my car was totalled.  He told me no matter what, if I leave the car there without paying the fees, I will be prosecuted and fined up to $2,000 and taken to court by the state police.  I don't have the money to do that right now, but for the mean time I want to remove my posessions from the vehicle.  So I called and asked a man who answered the phone if my boyfriend could come by and pick up the stuff in the car.  I was told that as long as someone with a license came, it would be fine.  So he goes down there(15 miles away) and they won't let him look at the car or get anything out of it without paying a fee first.  When I call back and ask about that, telling him the car was stolen and I am the mechanic(very rudely) tells me that it is his property and I can't evern look at the car until I pay the fees.  Is this true?  Is there anything I can do to at least SEE the damage done to my car?
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Massachusetts Stolen Car Towed

Postby Jephtah » Sat Dec 27, 2014 5:37 am

Well  a few things are correct, first of all you are responsible for all fees for towing and storage. That is what a lein law is.  Now if the vehicle is totaled you do not want it and most likely would want to get rid of it.. SOME TOW COMPANIES will take the title for payment of towing and storage fees.  Not everyone does that though.

Now as to getting property out of the vehicle, some state laws have ones where the vehicle and all the contents are under the lein.  Now also depends on what "property " you tried to get.  Anything bolted or installed to the vehicle  remains with the vehicle.  But papers and other stuff like medicines and financial papers are able to get released. Also if you tried to get the property out after normal business hours there might be a fee for it. But you should be able to go see the vehicle and determine if you want to redeem the vehicle.  

Try to do it during normal business hours  Mon - Fri  8 to 5

and that might be good.  Talk to the owner and or manager and see what arrangements you can work out also about the fees.  
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