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Making Left Hand Turn Signals In A Passing Zone.

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Making Left Hand Turn Signals In A Passing Zone.

Postby Pwyll » Wed Feb 11, 2015 4:03 pm

My question is about making a Left hand turn on a two lane rd(oneside oncoming traffic/other ongoing). I was traveling to my mothers house on a Friday after work. I gave my signal and stopped to turn into my mothers driveway there was no one in the oncoming traffic lane. There was a vehicle coming behind me. This is a straight away so it is a passing zone. The vehicle behind should have slowed down to a stop behind me since I thought I had the right of way being in front of her. As I was turning instead of stopping she decided to pass me, and struck my driver side door as I was almost in my mothers driveway. I then climbed out of my passenger door to get out of my car to notice it was a lady on a cell phone. My dad immediately called the police and two county officers arrived at the scene. They told us it was obvious that the lady was at fault, and that a state police officer could not be there for over an hour so they said they would file the report and get our information and since the lady was complying it was her fault we could move our vehicles. After we move our vehicles the lady then tells the officer she did not see my signal light on. Which then arose a problem, since our vehicles had already been moved into my parents driveway. The county officer then tells us we will have to wait on a state trooper to arrive and they left the scene. We waited for over 2 hours before the trooper arrived. He then after questioning both of us the lady starts saying i was swerving like i was gonna turn and didnt give a signal. The truth of it was i was stopped with a signal, but the officer did not get to see how she hit me. The damage she did to my car crushed in my left driver side door and fender and messed up the rim and tire on my car. the officer then decides to check my signal lights. My signal in the back of my car lit up but would not blink. I told the office obviously it would not work after being hit like that, he said that i couldnt prove it worked before and since it didnt work after he gave me a defective equiptment ticket and didnt give the lady that hit me anything. My insurance company told me that it was entirely her fault because she didnt yeild my right of way, they said i could have given a signal by hand and it would have been legal., but my signal worked....So I feel he took her word over mine... Then I got a copy of the Accident report because her insurance wont pay for my vehicle to be fixed, since on the accident report the trooper put me as 100% at fault. So the basics are and innocent person making a left hand turn giving a signal gets hits by a driver talking on a cell phone that decides to pass a car while it is stopped fixing to turn gets nothing and the driver that gets hit has to pay a deductible on their insurance to get their vehicle fixed, and doesnt have a car to drive plus I have an injured back, and its supposed to be my fault... I was just wondering what the laws are for this situation??

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Making Left Hand Turn Signals In A Passing Zone.

Postby Harti » Thu Feb 19, 2015 3:26 am

Hi Deana, this police officer must be either an idiot or on some sort of strong medication!  Nobody is allowed to pass on the left on a one-way each direction road unless passing a double parked vehicle.  What you have here is a stupid officer who unfortunately wrote a damaging report of the accident and a blatently lying driver who caused an accident and doesn't want to be blamed for it!  My suggestion is to sue her in small Claims Court and get yourself another insurance company.  I am frankly astonished that your insurance company is not pursuing an action against either or both the other driver and her insurance company for all of the damages they paid out including your deductible.  When the case comes up ask the Judge to issue a subpoena for the Police Officer.  Since he didn't actually see the accident he can only testify to the fact that your left turn signal wasn't working.  Try to get an affidavit from the mechanic that fixed your vehicle as to what he observed regarding that signal light and what he believes to have been the cause of its failure after the crash.  I sincerely hope that you prevail here and that justice ultimately gets served.
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