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Love, Beal And Nixon, P.c.

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Love, Beal And Nixon, P.c.

Postby Akiva » Wed Nov 30, 2016 12:18 am

Hi there,

I've been contacted by Love, Beal, and Nixon, P.C. in Oklahoma City for about 2 months.  They are suing on behalf of a collection agency(First Resolution Investment Corp) that I have never heard of in my life.  I feel like I've gone through the proper motions to have the case against me dropped... they are trying to collect and obscene amount of money(over double what I supposedly owed over 4 years ago, which I'm not even sure I ever owed in the first place!)  

Today was the first time I had the bright idea to google the firm and see what they are all about.  I am confident that they have no case against me, but I have no experience with this kind of thing; when I was served by the court, I promptly replied to the court clerk and to the firm that I am no responsible and had no idea what they were talking about.  In response I received another vague letter asking me to call them and they will go into detail about what I owe.  

I am not sure of the next step, can I please have some advice?  I feel like the firm is taking advantage of someone who does not know the system.

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Love, Beal And Nixon, P.c.

Postby Neifion » Thu Dec 01, 2016 1:55 am

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As you probably know, I too am in OKC. The point is that if you have been sued you must file a proper response to the complaint within the time allowed on the summons. If you fail to do that they will get a default judgment against you and then you will owe the debt. So you need to act now and act quickly or they will get the judgment. I would recommend a graduated denial as your response. You can prepare that quickly and easily using my new ebook named "HOW TO WIN WITHOUT LAWYERS" and will walk you through the whole process with easy copy and paste examples and explanations of how to prepare winning responses

to their complaint. You can get it by calling me at 237-2174 or 227-9423.  
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