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Lewd Public Comments Against The Law?

Defamation Law Discussion Forum

Lewd Public Comments Against The Law?

Postby Cynbel » Wed Jul 16, 2014 9:25 pm

A female friend said she was jogging and some weird guy stopped her and made obscene comments(he told her he "would love to ----" her and said "I bet you have a nice ----") and then he walked away. She said she ran off and I said she should have reported him. She said she doubted it was against the law, but isn't it? At work it would be considered harrassment, but since it was in public and he walked away, I wonder. I would think it still is, but under what statue?
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Lewd Public Comments Against The Law?

Postby Veryl » Sat Jul 26, 2014 3:51 am


I agree that your friend should have called the police.  Although he probably did not commit a crime(at least in my state it would not have been a crime) there is no telling what he has been up to.  He could be a sex offender, wanted on a warrant, or just a name that the police would add to their weirdo file.

In my state if this happened it would not be against the law unless the guy did it every day for a month or follow the woman doing it all of the time.  He could stand on the street corner and make remarks about every cute girl that passed and its his right under the First Amendment.  But if he did at the top of his lungs where passersby would be disturbed then it would be disorderly conduct.

Keep in mind that every state has different laws and statutes.  There is a possibility that this COULD be against the law in YOUR state but I doubt it.
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