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Legality Of Billiards Club Under Islamic Law

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Legality Of Billiards Club Under Islamic Law

Postby Leonel » Mon Nov 07, 2016 11:33 am

Dear Imam Habeeb, I am a young man who is currently facing severe financial problems. I do not have any source of income as of now and I am living by spending my savings. However, I have an excellent business plan for a billiards club as I have been playing billiards for many years. I also have investors who are willing to invest and give me a greater share of the company because of my business plan and my management skills.

I have spoken to my friends and very few of them have suggested that it is Haram. Upon completing a brief research on this subject, I have not found any substantiated argument that suggests the business being Haram. My friends argue that hiring female waitresses who will interact with clients, fulfilling the demand of customers such as playing music and providing sheesha will make the business Haram. Furthermore, they argue that the game of billiards itself is Haram.

I have argued that if hiring presentable females is Haram, then what about the air hostesses? Is the airline industry Haram for hiring presentable air hostesses? If playing soft music is Haram, then what about retail stores that play music to create a pleasing environment?

If providing sheesha is Haram, then what about grocery stores that sell cigarettes?

If billiards is Haram, then what game should muslim youth play to have fun with their friends? Is entertainment Haram? I heard that Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H.) took one of his wives to watch a show similar to a circus.

I did not argue with my friends just for the sake of opening the business. I argued because I could not find a proper answer as to why it can be Haram. Kindly note that I will try to prohibit as many Haram activities as possible. For instance, clients will not be allowed to touch the employees, or dance inside the billiards club. In case you are not familiar with a billiards club, The following link should help you understand the nature of the business.http://www.bostonbilliardclub.com/images/gallery/554737164.jpg

My question for you is that, is a billiards club a Haram business? If yes, is there any changes I can bring to the business that can make it Halal business?

I will greatly appreciate your answer. I thank you in advance.
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Legality Of Billiards Club Under Islamic Law

Postby Peterson » Fri Nov 11, 2016 6:20 am

Playing sports is halal and making it a business is allowed- the acts that may not be 100 percent holy doesn't mean the income is not halal.

You will be your best conscience and guide your business practises to be best morally but in the event it's not that doesn't mean that playing billiards is haram or the money accrued from such buisness and restaurant is wrong.
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