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Kasselwood Roofing Quote

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Kasselwood Roofing Quote

Postby Cameron » Sat Dec 10, 2016 10:36 am


I just received a quote for a Kasselwood metal shake roof at 9.50 per square foot or 950 per square. Our roof is 1100 square foot and is a low slope of 5/12.(no valleys) You answered a question for another individual saying that it should cost 500-625 per square installed. I am in Canada but seriously is this right?

Please advise soon.


Nancy Peel
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Kasselwood Roofing Quote

Postby Beceere » Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:16 am

Prices vary a lot by region and contractor.

For example, on installation labor here in the Chicago area, if you use a Union shop, charge rates can be as high as $85 per hour. If you hired one of these to install your metal roof, they can charge around $500 per square just for labor.

An installer that uses cheap labor that is not insured can charge as low as $20 per hour. If you hired one of these to install your metal roof, they can charge as little as $60 per square for labor.

So labor costs vary an installed price a lot. A good quote is somewhere in between.

The more complicated a roof is, the higher the cost. Is scaffolding required? Tear-off? Hips and valleys cost a lot of labor to install. Penetrations add cost, especially chimneys. Custom flashings can add a lot of labor.

The bottom line, in our area, an installed price on KasselWood can be as low as $500-$550, and as high as $1300 if the roof is complicated and not walkable.

Most important is to make sure the contractor is approved by the manufacturer so your warranty will not be voided.

Good luck,

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