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Iud /product Liability

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Iud /product Liability

Postby Chadwik » Sun Mar 30, 2014 5:19 am

There are no warning about the IUD breaking off inside the uterus. This past week 9/16/09 to be exact, I went to the same Planned Parenthood center that placed my 2nd IUD back in march of 2004 to have it removed. during my simple procedure only part of the IUD was removed. Two ultra sounds later and a unexpected surgery of removal of the arm of the IUD with/ a DnC and unblocking of my tubes that the IUD caused infection to and then a tubaligation. my question is if the doctor believes the product was faulty then why shouldn't this paragard company who made this be liable. This wasn't my fault that it broke and the time that it broke is uncertain, should I Represent myself with/ a letter to the maker or find an attorney to litigate for me.

ANSWER: Years ago I handled hundreds of Dalkon Shield IUD cases where pelvic inflammatory disease was the primary problem. But with that IUD, a specific defect in design of the IUD was identified as the culprit. Firstly, we don't know the source of the infection that blocked your tubes. It could be from an old infection you weren't aware of and any form of STD can cause scarring of the tubes. But if you had a tubal ligation, you didn't want to get pregnant anyhow so damage to the tubes would be no case, correct? Your experience, only needing a D&C was big to you but actually small potatoes. I get questions all the time from women where the IUD actually perforated the uterus and is found somewhere in the abdominal or, embedded in the wall of the uterus. That is probably what happened to you. It got embedded and broke on attempt to remove it. You are free to look for an attorney to help you but I strongly doubt you will find one. Damages aren't big enough to take on a giant company especially when there are no scientific studies finding a defect in the IUD. A letter to the company will probably result in you getting a $10 certificate for other products.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

When this happens to your wife or daughter you might reconsider your sensitivity on the matter.  This experience has had a price tag, One that's been more then I afford, just over ten thousand dollars, not to mention the time off from work and emotional thought that the choice to have more children is no longer mine. My job was placed in jeopardy as well, and the thought of needing other surgeries in fact surgery itself it a threat to ones life, anything could have went wrong Sir. And for Small potatoes, all cook up the same don't they.  thanks for the advise on coupons too.
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Iud /product Liability

Postby Adken » Mon Mar 31, 2014 1:45 pm

No one bargained for problems when the IUD choice was made. I understand the fear, frustration, pain and suffering and all of that. But you write a lawyer to find out if you might have a legal case. Unfortunately, you don't. Unless someone suffers severe permanent injuries it just won't work. I am sorry but those are the facts of life. I am not unsympathetic and I don't think I would be doing you a favor telling you to sue the company for a million. You can't do it and it would never happen. As described, the injuries are far less serious than hundreds others I have seen and I usually tell them the same thing. Don't take it personally. And if you write to the company, you probably would get a coupon or the equivalent. That was not a comment on how I see her problems but a comment on what I expect the company would see and deal with it.
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