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Is spousal abandonment against the law?

Criminal Law Discussion Forum

Is spousal abandonment against the law?

Postby said99 » Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:41 am

thats terrible. can you rent a room of your home out? what about put an ad in the paper as a housekeeper or a companion for the elderly??

and i'd call your welfare office first thing monday morning, down there anyway. this is the real reason they are there , you know. to help ppl that really need it.

do you have a pre-nup? if not, there's possible alimony.
Abandonment is a specific legal term that is used to describe a situation where one spouse has left the marriage and/or the home, and they cannot be found, they have not provided support or have not had any contact with the other party in a year or more. Merely leaving the marital residence to avoid hostility or other negative circumstances is not abandonment.

Abandonment occurs when a spouse ends cohabitation without justification, without the consent of the other spouse, and without the intent of renewing cohabitation. In many states, to be legally considered abandonment, the spouse has to leave for at least a year.
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