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Is it weird to have sort of crush on your second cousin?

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Is it weird to have sort of crush on your second cousin?

Postby eorl » Sun Jul 29, 2012 8:52 am

yes i am a girl i am using my friends account he gave me just make it clear XD , anyway as you can tell by my questions my emotions have been up and down and having problems , anyway it was a family wedding yesterday and all of the family is like meeting each other again i haven't seen my second cousin in over 3/4 years i am 14, he is older than me .. we always knew each other as kids to punch each other kick and stuff like the like the cousinly role XD he has known me since i was a little kid , but we kept giggling and hitting each other and laughing sort of flirting but not .. [ if you understand me , ] the night ended and he had no place to go and i was staying at the hotel sharing a hotel room with my brother i said he could stay in my room free of charge i could sneak him in he was happy and thanked me , anyway was we got into the hotel room me my brother and my second cousin were sat on the bed my brother fell asleep insistently me and my second cousin started to just chat about life , i had a few problems i wanted to talked to him about and he listened in between of me explaining my problem he said ' not to sound like a freak but when did you grow boobs ' because i am quite busty for my age i am a c cup and still growing , it was abit weird because he has known me all his life to be this little girl that used to play fight and bully him in a joking way all the time , anyway i explain and replied back and the topic went on about me , i have properly snogged a boy and he giggled he said ' bless you little cotton socks ' i went get a drink and i was wearing hot pant shorts type of things with a vest for pj's , he randomly said ' your bums grown ' out of the blue in nowhere , but it wasnt like pervy or anything just in conversation i laughed because i do have a big bum but tiny legs , anyway the conversation drifted about sex and virginity and stuff , he gave me advice and stuff like that , my friend texted me out of the blue in nowhere saying ' that her second cousin is sleeping with his second cousin ' and the topic drifted on to that topic i said to him ' how could you sleep with a second cousin family is family ' he smiled and he said ' yeah i know but some people just cant help the way they feel and its legal ' i was shocked and i said would do that to a second cousin and he said only if he had a strong trusted relationship i nodded but still though family is family , we went into a deep conversation he said you are pretty without makeup and i dont need it i totally disagreed , he said ' i remember you as a little girl you used to always tease me but you have grown and matured so much its untrue' i laughed and said how he had grown then i properly opened up to him about my problems and he did the same with me , i felt there was something but its wrong , i havet stopped thinking about him since .... he has been on my mind all the time since , what the hell do i do ...
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Is it weird to have sort of crush on your second cousin?

Postby ear » Sun Jul 29, 2012 8:53 am

I kind of understand that you love your cousin lie that... but NO... she is FAMILY!
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Is it weird to have sort of crush on your second cousin?

Postby matchitisiw » Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:03 am

I seriously think that that is not weird cause it also happened to me but me it was with my second Uncle is how you call it I guess but... This uncle of mine is my dads cousin so yeah anyways I liked him but were not close as u and ur cousin but we do fool around the age gap is around 14 yrs so we don't talk about personal stuff we fool around and he has a friend who happened to be my friend-ish so we talk about that
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Is it weird to have sort of crush on your second cousin?

Postby chiram97 » Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:12 am

It's probably not weird, a lot of Middle Eastern cultures encourage second cousins getting married. It's not really accepted in Western cultures because if you had kids there is a higher chance of genetic defects.

I think the issue isn't so much that he was your second cousin, but the stuff you said happened. I know I don't know you, or all of the circumstances, but if you were my sister asking for advice, I'd probably tell you that it sounded like he was just horny and wanted sex.

He seemed to sexualise you a lot. He didn't say your hair was pretty, you had nice eyes, you were really fun to be with or he loves your sense of humour. He complimented your boobs and bum. I know I'm sounding harsh, but it could save you being hurt later on. I know he listened to your problems and you felt like you connected, but I've known a lot of guys who have done a lot more because they thought they were going to have sex at the end of it. Was he engaging in the conversation and asking you questions about your problems, or was he just giving simple generic responses that show he wasn't really listening.

The test of if he really likes you is if he can share common interests with you, or chat and laugh with you without it being sexualised. Does he remember things you tell him (not just what you were wearing) Does he notice things that you do or like. When a guy really likes a girl he kind of pursues her. Does his best to impress her. But when a guy wants sex, he usually is inconsistent with paying her attention, makes a lot of excuses for not being around and doesn't have any interest in what is important to her.
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Is it weird to have sort of crush on your second cousin?

Postby kenway » Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:14 am

I think it might be a phase, me and my cousin used to fancy each other we would lie down on the bed and cuddle and kiss but not anymore we had a big argument and didn't get along but I need him at the moment family are the only ones who understand problems and reading this made me realise I would like to make it up to my cousin so we can be just friends again.
Just stay friends nothing more.
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