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Importing Wine

The law of the sea.

Importing Wine

Postby Safford » Tue Dec 16, 2014 10:45 am

Hi there,

I live in the south of france, and I wanted to start importing wine that i feel is under represented in the UK market.  I have absolutely no idea where to begin, and i was wondering if you could point me in the right direction in terms of research for the laws regulations and indeed taxes that need to be complied with.

Many thanks

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Importing Wine

Postby Cully » Thu Dec 18, 2014 12:43 am

Dear Tom,

Imoprt export advice for all Commodities- The question has been extensively answered to such an extent, that I have literally run out of advice-Take a look at the question answered this morning after you read this reply you should be able to access all the other  previous answers as well- Eg: Jim Walker owns a winery In Argentina and wanted the same question answered which actually suits yours as well perfectly-regardless if you own a winery or want ot act as an intermediary-Then take a look at previous wine related question(s)- The question you ask is complex and would need months to teach- I could teach you on how to pilot a plane in lesser time- Basically it's not about taxes and regulations its about procedures as it applies to "export import advice" and procedures as per ICC Paris France. But thats no good to you if you don't know procedures in International trade-It's  all about "Procedures" not laws and taxes-Regardless if it's wine, Flours, sugar or coffee..that's traded, the basic same procedures apply to many products.

If you are exporting a product from one country to another then if you are a Supplier or "seller" the said  entity pays for everything from the exporters country-that are related to  his expenses- the  Buyer or End Buyer in a country that is importing the product  pays for all the fees and taxes related to that countries CUSTOM laws-Including things like obtaining the import permit- Both Parties trade in International procedures, but the exporter and importer must also follow specific rules pertaining to each other CUSTOM laws- Both a very seperate issues- The Supplier pays for everything in his country up to the point until the wine or product is loaded on the ship- at this point the Supplier gives title to the goods to the buyer, and the supplier gets his money- The wine is now owned by the Buyer- The ship takes weeks to arrive to the importers country who presents the title to the goods to take the wine off the wharf, buy ensuring that all custom fee's and taxes are paid-and that all required legal documentation are supplied- If the buyer fails for instance to pay taxes or produce lets say the import Certificate to custom, then the product cannot be taken off the Wharf by the buyer-but the supplier still keeps the money, because he did sell the wine in accordance to the required procedures-

Read my last answer(s), It  fully addresses the basic premise above to satisfy your very need, as will other previously answered wine questions-

Finding out the cost in relation to import taxes and duties and certificates needed to import the product is the easy part, a few phone calls to CUSTOMS and some checking with your countries quarantine department will get you those answers, so that you can work out the final costs- the major complex part of the whole operation is Buying and getting the wine over to you, using international payment procedures known as UCP500 and trading terms known as Incoterms-If you wish to import or export only a few bottles then the post office will advise you accordingly- but for large deals- Trade procedures will need to be followed-

I hope the above is of help

Kind Regards

David Papa


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