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Impersonation Via E-mail: Illegal?

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Impersonation Via E-mail: Illegal?

Postby Attewell » Mon Dec 29, 2014 8:50 pm

What is the name of your state(only U.S. law)? Ohio.

My sister's ex-boyfriend is sending e-mails from her old e-mail account that she had when she was with him(they broke up in November 2010). The e-mails contain links to sexual explicit content. One of the recipients is her former college professor at a private, religious university. My sister has expressed interest in going back to school to finish her graduate level degree. This particular professor who's receiving these e-mails has a say as to whether my sister will be granted extrance back into the program.

I believe that his behavior is illegal given the fact that he's impersonating my sister and he's doing it with malicious intent since the consequences could be that she's denied entrance. He's well aware that she'd been wanting to get back into the program. He also has a documented history of abusing my sister. So I have no doubt that he's doing this maliciously since he's already caused so much harm to her.

Can you tell me if she might have a case? I'm tired of this guy getting away with causing her so much harm with no consequences. Also, if you believe she might have a case, who exactly are the appropriate "authorities" for reporting him to? I'm afraid I'm not too knowledgeable on this point.
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Impersonation Via E-mail: Illegal?

Postby Adiel » Fri Jan 02, 2015 1:26 am


Yes.  Your sister is the victim of cyber-crime(s).  Usually cyber crimes can be prosecuted at the locus or location of the perpetration or where the victim was affected.  As such your sister can contact the police where the boyfriend lives and is committing the crimes or where she lives.  It is usually easier to have the police where the victim resides initiate an investigation and begin to use their computer forensic expertise and technology on her behalf.  


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