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Im not doing too hot in history help please?

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Im not doing too hot in history help please?

Postby pascoe69 » Wed Dec 21, 2011 2:20 am

37. Which is an example of Rome's adoption and adaptation of Greek culture? (Points : 5)
Romans valued civic duty but left fighting to professionals.
Rome's form of government was a direct democracy but women could vote.
Roman families raised their boys to be soldiers, but not from birth.
Romans adopted Greek gods but gave them new names.

38. Rome is best known for which achievements?
(Points : 5)
building domes and inventing concrete

inventing the wheel and creating a form of writing

building arches and inventing paper

inventing the telescope and developing bronze

39. Who traveled throughout the Roman Empire spreading the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth?
(Points : 5)


Pontius Pilate


40. Who issued the Edict of Milan, which legally recognized Christianity in the Roman Empire?
(Points : 5)




41. How did Diocletian manage the size of the Roman Empire during his reign?
(Points : 5)
built walls in Britannia

moved the capital to Byzantium

divided the empire in two

established the Third Triumvirate

42. Which was not a cause of the gradual decline and fall of the Western Roman Empire?
(Points : 5)
a lack of strong leadership

economic hardships for Rome's citizens

invading barbarian tribes

the spread of Christianity

43. What dominates the northern third of the African continent? (Points : 5)
rain forest

44. How were the African empires of Kush and Aksum different from later empires in Africa?
(Points : 5)
They adopted Egyptian culture.

They grew powerful through trade.

They interacted with foreign cultures.

They helped spread ideas, religion, and technology.

45. Which was a staple crop in Mesoamerica?
(Points : 5)




46. Which important advancement was made by the Maya?
(Points : 5)

the architectural dome

the 365-day calendar


47. Which best describes Justinian's Code?
(Points : 5)
the tests required of Byzantine government workers

the code of honor that governed Byzantine soldiers

a secret military code used by Justinian's armies

a single, consistent set of laws for the Byzantine Empire

48. Why did the Christian church divide into the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church?
(Points : 5)
disagreements among church leaders on the meaning of the Gospels

political differences resulting from the rise of the Byzantine Empire in the East

differences in culture and views on authority

chaos in the West following the fall of the Western Roman Empire

49. Which was not a major accomplishment of Byzantine culture?
(Points : 5)
illuminated manuscripts

the Hagia Sophia

invention of domes

the Cyrillic alphabet

50. Which did Vladimir, prince of Kiev, do to help unify his people?
(Points : 5)
He converted to Roman Catholicism.

He waged war against the Byzantine Empire.

He converted to Orthodox Christianity.

He ended his war against the Byzantine Empire.

51. Which best describes an Islamic belief?
(Points : 5)
God respects all religions equally.

Muhammad is God's only prophet.

Allah is the same God that Jews and Christians worship.

There are many gods and goddesses inhabiting the world.
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Im not doing too hot in history help please?

Postby oded » Wed Dec 21, 2011 2:34 am

the police
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Im not doing too hot in history help please?

Postby cleirach70 » Wed Dec 21, 2011 2:36 am

Are you asking for answers to above questions? If you're not doing well in History the I strongly suggest that you do more reading. Reading is where you'll the the answers. If you don't want to do the reading then you can expect where you are now in History. It's reading, reading, and more reading. The answers are there. You just have to find them with more reading. You don't ask someone else to do your homework when you can do it your self.

Maybe you can bring back the lack if reading again and then you can up a grade or two.
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