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Ideas for an action movie poster?

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Ideas for an action movie poster?

Postby han » Wed May 16, 2012 6:53 am

Okay, so I have Photoshop class for my 1st hour of the day in school. And for one of the projects, we have to make a movie poster. Completely original, with ourselves in the poster. Well, I already know exactly what i'm going to do with it and who's going to be in the picture, I just don't know the little things i'm going to do with it. For instance, it's going to be an action movie with people fighting off like zombies and things like that. I'm going to have 5-6 people in it (2 guys and the rest girls), but I don't know what kind of poses or weapons they should have. Obviously I can't put guns or inappropriate weapons on the poster, I don't feel like getting suspended over a picture of a gun. But I was thinking household items, like a screwdriver or something? Can't do knives. It's gotta be something serious yet unexpected. I feel like that made no sense. Lol but you know what I mean. I'm taking the picture for it tomorrow morning, so if i could have replies by then, that'd be fantastic.
Thanks <3
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