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How to sue for punitive damages & mental anguish?

Defamation Law Discussion Forum

How to sue for punitive damages & mental anguish?

Postby hussein » Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:36 am

I am wondering how (or if) I can sue someone for punitive damages and mental anguish? My husband and I have been harassed by a woman for the last few months, and we had to take out a no contact order against her with the police. She was a previous landlord of ours, she lives in Montreal, and she is claiming we have damaged the property but refuses to show us a work order or estimate and wants money. We offered to pay whatever she wants if we could see the damage or have a contractor look at it; but she refuses. It is a clear case of a money grab! In the last 3 months she has tried to extort money from us by saying she will contact CPS if we don't pay her $3000, constant emails and letters, she even sends letters in parcels from UPS. She has also contacted my place of employment, telling them I owe her money and won't pay. She called CPS and launched a major investigation with allegations of starving our children, living in squalor, abuse, and neglect. All allegations were unfounded and CPS marked it as a malicious call, she has also called the SPCA and said that we have 3 large dogs that we starve, beat, and keep our dogs in the garage in squalor--we don't even have 3 dogs!! It is very clear she is out to get us, and the no contact order only keeps her from contacting us directly, so I am trying to charge her with harassment, but the police rarely take that seriously. So I am wondering how I go about suing her for harassment, defamation of character, punitive damages, and mental anguish? Can I even do that?? What type of lawyer takes care of that? How much can I collect? I can prove that she called CPS, and I have kept all letters/emails from her, and I have since had to start taking anti-anxiety medication to help me sleep because I am so stressed over this. Any advice would be helpful
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How to sue for punitive damages & mental anguish?

Postby bronsin » Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:47 am

It would cost you more to sue her than what you would get. Then even if you did win then YOU have to collect.
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