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How to obtain stolen property?

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How to obtain stolen property?

Postby sherborne16 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:57 pm

Okay, I have this guy friend I use to be to real close with.. Well he claims to say that me and him had sex together one night that i was wasted. I do not believe this but I take his word. Well I had a baby and he claims to think it's his. He is not on the birth certificate or anything. He is telling my family and friends its his. I told him to go for a DNA test to see and he wont but still claims my child to be his. Well one day I got kicked out of my house and me and my boyfriend had got an apartment and the guy who claims to be the father is causing my bf and I problems. When I got kicked out I couldn't get my belongings but my dad was ok with my friend getting it and I let him cause we wasn't having these problems at the time... well now that I'm moving off I want my stuff and he isnt giving it to me. He has it but is playing it smart and acting like he doesnt.. My brother and dad knows he took it and I have proof its my belongings but he says he dont have it, Its stored somewhere I know it is but he claims to not have it knowing he does... he has my babys crib and my prom dress and etc. I dunno what I can do!

This is the same guy to came to the hospital when I took my son and came in there and him and my boyfriend almost got into a fist fight right in front of the hospital. This guy is nuts he thinks he has all rights and he doesnt... Not only that he says he can legally change his last name if its his.

What can I do?
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How to obtain stolen property?

Postby weiford » Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:59 pm

DNA test. If he wont then sue him for child-support since he insists this is his responsibility, the courts will order the test. This might get him out of your hair if he isn't the father and has just become fixated on you and your child. Stop all contact with this person as of right now , let the courts talk for you , this sounds semi dangerous for you and your child. I don't know why a grown man would want a prom dress but you might be better off writing off all your stuff and starting over. I hope your baby has someplace safe to lay down to sleep tonight , since he has the baby's crib. Other then that I dont know how to help you :)
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How to obtain stolen property?

Postby andor25 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:04 pm

As a parent, he has the same rights and responsibilities that you have. It is better for all concerned if you (either through your attorney or the state's child support office) filed a court petition for determination of paternity and for child support. The court will order him to submit to paternity testing.

As for getting your stuff, that may be difficult. You do not have proof that he still has the stuff.

Focus on child support.
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