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How French Learn To Cook

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How French Learn To Cook

Postby Alrick » Sun Dec 04, 2016 5:53 am

I thought that Queen Margarita was responsible for teaching the French how to cook. Friend of mine says it was a Medici Queen.

Can you tell me who's correct? And also provide some proof to resolve our impasse?
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How French Learn To Cook

Postby Evin » Tue Dec 06, 2016 6:10 am

Dear Mike-

Did you make a Bet..?I wont go to specific - let me keep it general-

Proof..? I only have original books- But I'm sure if you look up historical facts about the said Queen on the net - in time you'll find reference, it won't come quickly and you'll need some research time- but its there for sure- I certainly found as such 7/8 years ago-(no immediate address available  too long ago)I.e : Queen Medici and louis, Medici and Italian cookery..etc..et. My memory over time is not what it used to be-

Italian(Florence) Catherine di Medici married French Sun king Louis makes Catherine a Lucky person- It also made her Queen of France-

The Medici family heritage  is still strong in Tuscany-especially in applying the art and science of Italian cookery-

The French  knew very little about anything as far as the culinary arts were concerend- Upon getting married , the Queen bought with her her-  Italians  to service her needs in france including an army of kitchen staff and cooks-

Her Banquets were legendary and nothing like anything seen before-in France. Even introducing table etiquette was her doing- Much has been written about the queen and her parties-

500 years later - The French are the masters of the kitchen, while the Italians are masters of producing a much loved products world wide-

The difference is that "Kitchen management and recipe applications" became the realm of expertise of the French- where the Italians especially today can't get even get  their act today in where any recipe carrying an Italian sounding name is said to be Authentic Italian-when it's not

T.V shows, personalities and the likes all contributed  in destroying the authenticity of the Italian cuisine, while France became a teaching application world wide - thanks to one french Chef - Augustus Escoffier-

The  genuine, healthy and indeed true great Italian applications is indeed a dying art form-

Most Italians and even Italian "Mums" don't cook  authentic recipes- they produce what is called " home cooked Italian meals or "Casalinghe" cuisine " where anything goes so long as its tastes good- Some such recipes are good , but many are not - outside their own family unit application- Same applies to most Italian restaurants who cover up my applying the term " Modern Italian cuisines" which is really the French application to Italian food"

As a matter of fact being Italian does not help- You must train to become a Italian classical chef-Today In the serious non tourists restaurants in places like of Rome  you are still considered an apprentice after 8/9 years of learning such a trade.

"Very few  Genuine Classical Italian " chefs around- those who make such claims , make often bad mistakes with true recipes and kitchen management applications- Most Classical recipe books are incorrectly defined and depend on big glossy pictures to make their recipes credible-

Ask any Italian chef making claim about how authentic his classical recipes are -  and he'll brag all day-, ask him the exact recipe for lets say the classical " Ragu alla Bolognese" or "Bolognese sauce" and see how he gets it wrong, on top of that ask another 5 chefs the same question each will produce a different recipe- It nearly impossible to find such correctly defined authentic classical recipe even  on the net- either they know or they don't-

((See my website- i have offered but only a few classical recipe applications- now compare them to what's being served today- and see if recipes book, T.V shows or even the net can produce similar such stated defined classical recipe applications))

I learned as a 15 year old apprentice some 35 years ago being taught by a classical 70 year old Italian chef from Naples-I also took personal studies to source such classical recipes upon my self- I've never seen his recipes and teachings of my mentor  "Vincenzo" replicated again no matter where I went to dine- He would be turning  in his grave if could see what has happened to his beloved Italian cuisine-

Now ask 100 French trained  chef who have formally completed an apprenticeship from different parts of the world for the recipe for "Sauce Espangole' and  you will have a 98 percent success rate that the same recipe will be produced-

If you study classical Italian cookery and look very close into some of its true application you will come across often the foundation and base application of the French cuisine in many instances including French sauce applications-

The soul of French cookery belongs to the Italian- the heart of cookery application belong to the French- Knowing one over the other is good,but..! Knowing the true application of both is makes the superior chef a true master of his realm- both deserve Doctrines deserve respect out right-

worthy note- How corruption happened to the Italian cookery art form is starting to occur with the French cuisine- with many cooks now apply their own creation as being the best application when in fact they are not- Many such new application are indeed forgettable- Where the classical applications remain, all be it, even if its in memory form-

Queen Margherita-Loved the food the peasants where eating and often sneaked out of here palace in Naples to sample such "delights"- one in particular actually became "Royal  household Fare"  You will know it as "Pizza alla Margherita"-Italian law is making itself felt- and is applying such laws to preserve such classical applications in Europe

In Italy if you call a Pizza " Margehrita" as such, then it must be served with Buffalo Mozzarella, it must be 33cm round and no more than 3 mm thick

When was the last time you've seen such a pizza that thin-

I can trace vents which show to prove that one one plays around with classical applications, then problems will eventuate- todays obesity factors and other health attributes can ostensibly be traced back to recipe manipulation in particular to ingredient used,and in the portions they are used in- Fooling around with classical recipes has more to it the first apparent- changing proven tested recipes which have lasted the realm of time especially of the last 30 years or so- is arguable, directly related to the current ill health  matters of today-

Especially when you consider that both in USA  and countries like Australia  Italian "type" of food have become a major factor in daily lifestyle eating applications- a "type"of food far from the originating application on the way it was ment to be eaten and served-

At least the Italians have learned by past mistakes and now understand that their recipes is associated with their Identity world wide- and that such recipes must be preserved for all times- Hope this  little insight helps sorry if you lost you bet..?

kind Regards

Chef Davide

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