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History Q. Help 10 Points Given?

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History Q. Help 10 Points Given?

Postby freedom97 » Wed Dec 14, 2011 5:01 pm

12. What document served as a basis for passing laws for the Plymouth Colony?
The Jamestown Charter
The Treatise on Government
The Mayflower Compact
The Fundamental Orders

13. One way that Rhode Island differed from the Massachusetts Bay Colony was that Rhode Island had
a bigger population.
stricter Puritan laws.
religious toleration.
no help from the Indians.

14. Many Catholics in England supported King Charles I, and he rewarded them with land in America. what colony was founded on that land?



South Carolina

15. When the English captured the territory of New Amsterdam from the Dutch, the king gave it to his brother. What colony did it become?
South Carolina
New York
18. Indentured servants left plantations at the end of their contracts. As time went on, planters replaced indentured servants with
tenant farmers.
wage labor.
more indentured servants.

20. What was a key belief of the Great Awakening?
(Points: 3)
Predestination removed the need for confession.

Non-believers were not in serious trouble with respect to salvation.

Salvation did not depend on membership in a single church.

Salvation was open to all who believed in a higher being.

21. How did the French and Indian War affect the British and ultimately the colonies?

They gained land but incurred heavy debt.

They increased Native American support.

They were able to reduce the Native American population in North America.

They improved relations with both the French and the Indians.
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History Q. Help 10 Points Given?

Postby jamilah38 » Wed Dec 14, 2011 5:07 pm

12. Mayflower Compact
13. Religious tolerance
14. Maryland
15. New York
20. Salvation was open to all who believe in a higher being.
21. They gained land, but incurred heavy debt.
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