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History helppp!!?? 10 points!!!?

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History helppp!!?? 10 points!!!?

Postby jocheved » Wed Apr 18, 2012 9:46 pm

1. Southeast Asia includes which nation?
(Points : 3)
South Korea


2. What are the two major landforms of Southeast Asia?
(Points : 3)
deserts and islands

archipelagos and a peninsula

plains and plateaus

river valleys and tall mountains

3. Which is a climate found in Southeast Asia?
(Points : 3)

tropical wet

marine west coast

humid continental

4. Which is an accurate statement about U.S. involvement in Vietnam?
(Points : 3)
President Eisenhower avoided all involvement in Vietnam because of her military experience

President Johnson opposed passage of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.

President Nixon announced a Vietnamization plan for withdrawal of U.S. troops.

President Carter brought world leaders together to resolve conflicts in Vietnam.

5. Why was the United States opposed to Ho Chi Minh's leadership of North Vietnam?
(Points : 3)
He was not a democratically elected leader.

He had supported the Japanese in World War II.

He wanted too much financial and military support from the United States.

He was a communist and was backed by the Soviet Union.

6. Whom did the United States support as the leader of the anticommunist government of South Vietnam?
(Points : 3)
Ngo Dinh Diem

Mao Zedong

Ho Chi Minh

Alexander Dubcek

7. When was South Vietnam reunited with North Vietnam as a single communist nation?
(Points : 3)
as soon as the French agreed not to make any claims for territory

soon after U.S. troops departed
Vietnam united as a democracy shortly after U.S. troops left.
once they received approval from a majority of the nations in the U.N. General Assembly

8. Which is the best caption for this political cartoon?

(Points : 3)
The Soviet Union, led by Brezhnev, investigates the Prague Spring reforms.

Soviet leader Brezhnev douses the spirit of freedom born during the Czech Prague Spring.

The Soviet Union hides from neighboring countries the flame of political freedom found in Czechoslovakia

The Soviet Union, led by Brezhnev, is protecting the brief flame of political freedom found in Czechoslovakia.

9. Which describes a result of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia?
(Points : 3)
The reforms of the Prague Spring became official policy.

The manifesto titled "The Two Thousands Words" was published.

The right to free speech was guaranteed after the invasion.

Dubcek was expelled from the KSC and demoted.

10. Which is the best description Salvador Allende?
(Points : 3)
dictator who ruled the Dominican Republic

democratically-elected Marxist ruler of Chile

leader of the Cuban revolution

successor of Juan Bosch

11. Which best describes life for the average person living in a communist bloc country in the 1970s?
(Points : 3)
many consumer goods; lack of personal freedoms; plentiful food and clothes

long lines to buy food; plentiful consumer goods; many personal freedoms

few consumer goods; freedom of speech and press; plentiful food

lack of personal freedoms; few consumer goods; long lines to buy food; ration cards

12. What does U.S. involvement in the Dominican Republic and Chile in the 1960s and 1970s indicate about U.S. foreign policy?
(Points : 3)
The major goal was to fight communism.

Protectionism was part of that policy.

The CIA could be called on to maintain free elections.

Trade and the military were of equal importance.

13. What term is used to describe the effort to ease tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union in the 1970s?
(Points : 3)
coup d'etat


Helsinki Accords

Warsaw Pact

14. Which was an effort by the two superpowers to slow the arms race?
(Points : 3)
Helsinki Accords

Warsaw Pact

SALT treaties


15. Which is a major natural resource in Latin America?
(Points : 3)



iron ore

16. Use the map and your knowledge to answer the question that follows.

Which Latin American countries are indicated by letters A and D

(Points : 3)
Chile and Ecuador

Argentina and Brazil

Peru and Mexico

Paraguay and Uruguay

17. Which landform, found in Latin America, is threatened by logging, ranching, and mining?
(Points : 3)
Atacama desert

Sierra Madre Oriental

Amazon rain forest
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History helppp!!?? 10 points!!!?

Postby celeste » Wed Apr 18, 2012 9:53 pm

1) vietnam
2) archipelagos and a peninsula
3) tropical wet

why am i doing your wikipedia research for you? :P
each question only takes like 20 seconds if that
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