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Here is a possible business idea. What do you think?

The law of the sea.

Here is a possible business idea. What do you think?

Postby emilek17 » Fri Apr 01, 2011 8:34 am

How about working with an existing cruise ship, and turn part of the ship into a full medical facility.

It would consist of some of the best doctors in the world, where people could still have the best health care privately. You could even buy private health insurance after a full check up with the medical staff. Many seniors may want to just live on it since they can travel the world, with the comfort that they have a full service hospital on board available 24 hours a day, and enjoy the remaining of their golden years in comfort and travel the world at the same time, all meals prepared for them, and cleaning etc all taken care of.

In addition..there could be closely monitored clinical trials, and also use treatments which other countries may have outlawed them. It would provide, interesting lectures , a full medical spa, weight loss clinic, etc etc. I could go on and on. It would not only be for seniors, but would have all the features of a full medical spa, but so much more since you are also travelling the world.

The meals would consist of organic fruits and vegetables and various healthy meal options.

What do you think about an idea like this? Would you go on a cruise like this if it was reasonably priced---say... about the same price as other ships, PLUS you would pay extra for treatments, surgery etc, and these would be about half the price as your own country ? And..... I wonder if anyone knows about maritime law , as far as doing treatments that may be illegal in some countries , yet legal in others, and used on the ship.

Your input would be greatly appreciated on this preliminary study.
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Here is a possible business idea. What do you think?

Postby ji » Fri Apr 01, 2011 8:41 am

What would happen if someone from England died while the ship was in Australia? Would you ship the body back or leave it in the country where the ship was docked, as the body will be a bio-hazard?
What happens if someone dies while in the middle of the ocean?
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