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Hematoma Post Hysterectomy

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Hematoma Post Hysterectomy

Postby Rydge » Wed Jan 07, 2015 8:27 am

HI There, I am going through extreme antibiotic therapy now as a result of a 17 cm hematoma at the incision line from a Complete Hysterectomy done on 12-30-2009 --I was released with the Hematome, told it was scar tissue and any fluids would be absorbed into my body, so you are good to go Girlfriend, take care and see you NP for future female follow ups....this at 6 weeks post op...around 10 weeks post op during a complete physical the NP says what is that?  I said scar tissue, she said oh that is what they told you and I said yes, she kept examining me, she went back to the area again and then asked you were released with this, I said yes, she said it was scar tissue, told me to rub it if I wanted but that it would go away.  She continued my exam and then told me I would have to have a superficial ultrasound on that and sent me home.  I came home to find that I had to be at the hospital the next morning at 7am, there it was found that I had a 17cm hematoma that was too solid to be aspirated so a drain was put in the site, this of course left me open to infection.  The drain remained in for 9 days when I went to the doctor, surgeon, ob/gyn and she said I could get some antibiotics and take them orally, I said with all due respect, I don't want to get any sicker, she said You are right and we will put you in as a direct admit, went to the hospital for two nights and was released last Sunday, said I had a virus, sent me home on oral antibiotics, Monday Morning, I call as my fever is on the rise Sunday night, I take my antibiotics, Doctor is not in, but they call in and change my antibiotics because the culture now grew and shows I have infection from where they swabbed the drain site, I start the new ones, take two doses and by the next afternoon my fever is higher than ever and I got to emergency, admitted thru ER and spend the next 5 days there getting antibiotics for cellulitis, I ask what the infections are because it is not noted anywhere that the nurses can find but I have two infections, now I have to continue this for 14 days as an outpatient and there is not any guarantee that the abscess will go away and when I asked what we do if this does not work the Doctor says then just shoot me?  So, where I am is going to the Hospital every 12 hours for three hour infusions of antibiotics for 14 days and my question is was my Dr. negligent by not addressing this massive hematoma, I even told her that I had one burst 22 years ago with the birth csect of my twins and she still ignored it so by the time we get to it, so solid It feels like a dead person at the site....just wonder if this is business as usual or should I look at this as negligent...I will tell you that the NP that sees me was mad as heck and said she would never refer anyone to her again as this was a serious matter and should of been attended to for sure.  Thanks, Sarah
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Hematoma Post Hysterectomy

Postby Garan » Tue Jan 13, 2015 6:00 am

In hindsight it seems that more could have been done and you could have been saved from a lot of pain, suffering, anxiety, fear, time, inconvenience, etc. etc.  Maybe you and your lawyer could find another surgeon to testify that the problem could have been nipped in the bud, so to speak. So, I am not excusing the doctors for letting the problems get out of hand but, there won't be a medical malpractice case. Why? Because presumably you will make a full recovery without any long term injury, except perhaps for some cosmetic issues. So, the damages just aren't high enough. A med mal case requires the lawyer to spend thousands of his own dollars on experts(there is no case at all without one or more doctors willing to testify that malpractice occured), depositions, court costs, many other costs. Not to mention a tremendous amount of time that is involved. Then, you always have the defense that everything was done by the book(within the standard of care) and just because the case got more complicated than anyone expected, that alone does not make a malpractice case. So, you need very high dollar damages.....at least in the 6 figures......and very strong expert testimony on your side. So it just isn't worth the investment of time and money of the lawyer in a case like this. I know that doesn't sound fair but that is how the system works. Smaller cases just fall through the cracks. Go ahead and speak with a couple malpractice lawyers about it. They may tell you it is a great case but they just don't have time for it. What they are really thinking is what I have just described to you. Good luck.
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