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Help with history plzzzzzzzzz!!!!?

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Help with history plzzzzzzzzz!!!!?

Postby cumhea » Wed Mar 28, 2012 4:48 am

1. All describe conditions in Texas by 1850 EXCEPT (1 point)
Nearly all Native Americans had been removed from East Texas.
All Native Americans had been removed from the western frontier.
Native Americans fought to keep settlers from intruding farther west.
Settlers in West Texas lived in fear of raids by Native Americans.

2. The U.S. Army at first failed to stop raids by Native Americans for all these reasons EXCEPT (1 point)
it failed to build forts.
the soldiers were untrained.
the soldiers were inexperienced.
it did not have enough soldiers.

3. Lawlessness in South Texas grew partly as a result of (1 point)
few laws on the books.
Civil War deserters.
tensions within the army.
an increase in Native Americans.

4. The victory over Native Americans in Texas resulted in the (1 point)
departure of Anglo settlers from West Texas.
freedom of Native Americans to hunt buffalo.
continuation of the Native American way of life.
westward migration by Anglo settlers.

5. Before the Civil War most cattle were not (1 point)
on the open range.
on South Texas ranches.
slaughtered for their hides.
shipped to cities in the northeast.

6. After the Civil War, (1 point)
many plantations were divided into smaller farms.
plantations increased in size.
most plantations were owned by tenant farmers.
plantations produced most of the cash crops.

7. The typical Texan in the late 1800s was a (1 point)
sheep or cattle rancher.
farmer who raised corn.
cotton farmer.

8. In Texas, the late 1800s were a time of (1 point)
growth and expansion.

9. The most important profession open to women in 1900 was (1 point)
domestic labor.

10. The Grange was (1 point)
a mining organization.
set up to regulate railroads.
a major trust formed by farmers.
a social organization for reform.

11. The governor who, as attorney general, helped Texas pass antitrust laws was (1 point)
Richard Coke.
James S. Hogg.
J.B. Rayner.
John Wesley Hardin.

12. Many Democrats objected to the Constitution of 1869 because it (1 point)
gave little power to state officials.
gave little power to the governor.
did not grant women’s suffrage.
was written by Radical Republicans.

18. Determining Cause and Effect. Why did white hunters’ slaughter of the buffalo help bring an end to the Native American way of life? (3 points)

19. Linking Cause and Effect. Why didn’t peace come to western Texas even after the signing of the Treaty of Medicine Lodge Creek? (3 points)

20. Evaluating Information. Why did trail driving end shortly after 1855? (3 points)

21. Analyzing Information. How did farming in Texas change after the Civil War? (3 points)

22. Drawing Conclusions. Why was the growth of transportation vital to the expansion of the Texas economy? (3 points)

23. Drawing Conclusions. Why did merchants and farmers think railroads were unfair? (3 points)

help plzz no bad comments!
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