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Help with Excel 2010 Homework?

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Help with Excel 2010 Homework?

Postby ashbey15 » Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:10 am

These are steps 2-16 for this Ch4 Grader project, butI ONLY NEED HELP ON STEP 6, which is the formula; does anyone have/know it? :(

2) Freeze the first row (column headers) on the Sales Data worksheet.

3) Convert the data in the range A1:I25 to a table, and then apply the Table Style Medium 17.

4) Remove duplicate records from the table.

5) Insert a column to the right of the Selling Price field. Name the new field Percent of List Price and adjust the width of that column to 22.00 (159 pixels).

6) Create a formula with structured references in cell G2 to calculate the percent of the list price (that is, the selling price divided by the list price).

7) Format the Percent of List Price column (G2:G22) with the Percent number type with one decimal place.

8) Add a total row to display the average percent of list price and average number of days on market. Format the average number of days on market as a whole number. Change the label for the total row to Averages.

9) Sort the table in alphabetical order by the City column. Add a second sorting level to sort the days on market for each city from largest to smallest.

10) Format the Sales Data worksheet so that the column headings will show on all pages.

11) Insert a page break above row 12 on the Sales Data worksheet. Remove the vertical page break. Be sure to switch back to Normal view, if necessary.

12) On the Filtered Data worksheet, filter the data to display properties in the cities of Alpine, Cedar Hills, and Eagle Mountain (column C).

13) Filter the data to display records for houses that were on the market for 30 days or more.

14) Apply the 3 Arrows (Colored) icon set to the days on market values (J2:J19).

15) Apply the Gradient Fill Light Blue Data Bar conditional formatting to the selling prices (F2:F19).

16) Create a new conditional format rule that applies Yellow fill (fourth column, bottom row) and bold font to values that are greater than or equal to 98% in the Percent of List Price column (G2:G19).
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Help with Excel 2010 Homework?

Postby eliot » Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:13 am

I still don't know what is meant by "structured" formula. Do they want relative and absolute references? Enter this in G2 and copy it down to G22.


That is all you need. With those values, the formula results in 0.89. As your step 7 says, format it as Percentage to get 89%.
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Help with Excel 2010 Homework?

Postby torran » Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:17 am

The Question is rather vague but "structured" may refer to a named ranged so assuming that, you go to E2 and in the Name box (located above the row labels and next to the column labels) you call it List_Price and in F2 you call that Sell_Price.

In G2 you use a formula like =(Sell_Price/List_Price)
then you format that cell to Percentages.

Hopefully, that is helpful for you.
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