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Help me with my health care policy aff! Please?

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Help me with my health care policy aff! Please?

Postby thom » Sun Dec 18, 2011 1:57 am

just say where you'd attack it, what suggestions you have, and thanks in advance for reading all this!


Poverty shouldn't exist in the United States, one of the richest countries in the world. But it does. According to the US Census Bureau there are 45.7 million people that do not have insurance, 8.7 million of those being children. With us being one of the richest countries in the world we should be able to provide affordable access to health care for every individual in the United States, but we don't. My partner and I stand resolved that the United States government should substantially increase social services for persons living under the poverty line in the United States. We offer the following plan.

Plank 1: Administration. The plan will be passed by U.S. Congress and implemented by a non-profit agency, so as not to give the government too much control.

Plank 2: Mandates. The federal government should only play a limited part in the health care reform, by providing subsidies in the form of grants to the non-profit agencies , providing 30% of their budget which will be paid for by the taxes that are collected for this program. And to support the program in any way necessary excluding extra funding beyond 30%..

Plank 3: Logistics. This plan will be executed by raising or introducing taxes in three different areas that contribute to the rising cost of health care. The taxes include a High Risk Factor Tax, a Fatty Food Restaurant Tax, and a Cigarette/Alcohol Tax. We will explain the taxes in more detail later in the plan.

Contention 1 – Inherency

A. The factors which influence health care costs are not understood by the majority of most Americans – including politicians. Controlling health care costs is not a matter of simply charging the patient less money and has ramifications in industries other than health care.

Wyn Staheli, President of InstaCode Institute, LLC said, * “Uninsured Americans are often uninsured because their employers don't have enough funds to pay for comprehensive health insurance because the economy is down and health insurance premiums are soaring at phenomenal rates. These rate increases are being driven by malpractice, litigation (lawsuits) , and the resulting malpractice premiums that doctors are being required to pay after a successful, (or unsuccessful, however you choose to look at it lawsuit), which drives up the cost of overhead for the provider which is then passed along as increased rates to the patient or the insurance company. Also the cost of these procedures and all of these advances in medicine is more expensive as new technology comes to market the cost of research and development is passed on as increased costs for the procedure, for the procedure or the medication.”

*use this if neg asks about InstaCode Institute and what they do –
(InstaCode Institute provides billing and reimbursement support and solutions for health care providers.)

B. Existing federal programs do not catch the “middle class,” and “lower middle class” who make too much money for Medicaid or are too young for Medicare, excluding the V.A. (veteran's program)

A New York Times article stated that, “More than one-third of the uninsured — 17 million of the nearly 47 million — have family incomes of $40,000 or more, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, a nonpartisan organization. More than two-thirds of the uninsured are in households with at least one full-time worker.”

C. Employees are not taking advantage of employer-based health insurance because even though the employer pays a portion of the premium, the employee may not have the funds to pay the remaining premium.

Consumers Union, a non-partisan, non-profit organization said this regarding employer insurance costs, “The single biggest challenge facing Utah’s small business owners today is the cost of providing health insurance for their employees. Employers want to provide health benefits, but the cost is just too high. 88% of Utah small businesses not offering health insurance say they don’t because they can’t afford to, while 79% of those who do offer it say they are really struggling to do so.”

Kaiser Health News, a nonprofit news organization committed to in-depth coverage of health care policy and politics said this about passing along premium increases to employees, “Employers struggling with the steady rise of health insurance costs – which in 2009 increased 5 percent to an average of $13,375 for family coverage -- are passing on more of the expense to their workers through higher deductibles and co-payments, according to survey released today.”

D. Lack of transportation for people in poverty limits their access to medical care.

E. Medicaid funding has been severely cut back and there isn't enough money for outreach programs for people living in poverty.
U.S. officials are having a difficult time
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Help me with my health care policy aff! Please?

Postby leonie36 » Sun Dec 18, 2011 1:58 am

Let me remind you that in this nation we do not rely on natural resources like other rich nations. We solely rely on our economy and production. Therefore who riches and the money used by our government comes directly from our tax money. I do not see why the government should SUPPLY health care to everyone with other people money. Mind you i do not have health insurance so you would think i fell in the category of supporters. yet i do not.
because in reality the main problem is greed and cost, but as usual our government instead of facing the real issue and fight it tries to find a way around it and do a patch work instead. and there is only one simple reason to that ... because every single politician has at least one hand in some lobbyist or great health company's pocket. and everybody knows that you do not bite the hand that feeds you.
Stop charging thousands in premiums, stop paying high management millions of dollars in salaries, stop spending millions if not billions in adds and commercials promoting this or that brand of medication, stop abusing the system simply because you can and finally ... stop ripping off your own people because you are greedy.
THAT should do it ... now who has the cojones to face the music? ... no one.
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Help me with my health care policy aff! Please?

Postby darrell » Sun Dec 18, 2011 2:01 am

If the government legislates and funds it -- it's a government agency.
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Help me with my health care policy aff! Please?

Postby luther » Sun Dec 18, 2011 2:06 am

That is WAAY too long. I'm here to answer questions, not read a 3 page essay.
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Help me with my health care policy aff! Please?

Postby benon » Sun Dec 18, 2011 2:22 am

You do realize that of those 47 million, approximately 12 million are illegal immigrants who should not be covered and an additional 10-15 million who CHOOSE not to have health insurance (myself included). That chops the number to 20-25 million and represents less than 1% of the American population.

Why should we be fighting so hard for something that affects such a small portion of the American populace?
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