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Global Growth and Global Crisis ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED?

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Global Growth and Global Crisis ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED?

Postby camdin90 » Tue Jun 26, 2012 6:17 am

10. This organization's main mission is to promote global trade by getting rid of tariffs and other trade barriers.
C The UN D The Kyoto Protocol

11. Which is NOT a common criticism leveled against the World Trade Organization?

A Poor nations are obliged to change their laws to fit WTO rulings or face economic ruin.
B The organization is run by the rich for the rich.

C A nation can be denied membership if its gross domestic product falls below a limit set by the WTO.

D The WTO is not accountable to the people and its decision-making process is kept private.

12. Why do rulers of China, Myanmar/Burma, and Cuba censor Internet use?
A To protect their citizens from Internet predators.
B To prevent dissident groups from communicating and coordinating political strategies to topple their repressive regimes.
C To prevent their citizens from becoming Westernized.
D No answer is correct.

13. Which statement is NOT an advantage of global trade?
A International organizations and agreements like the WTO compromise national sovereignty. B Global competition prevents inefficient monopolies.
C A globalized economy provides skilled labor with more jobs and higher wages. D Consumers have access to a wider variety of goods at competitive prices.

14. The Kyoto Protocol is an agreement _____.
A to abolish customs duties between the U.S. and its NAFTA partners
B among all industrialized countries to consume less oil and other fossil fuels
C that allows the WTO to impose severe economic sanctions on countries with protectionist policies D by 141 countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

15. The U.S. and Australia have refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol _____.
A because the agreement was drafted in secret B in protest of Communist member states like Cuba
C because the Protocol challenges the UN D because they think it will have a negative effect on their economies

16. Which of the following is an example of a technology that produces energy but does not produce Carbon Dioxide?
A Gas B Coal
C Nuclear power D Oil

17. A piece of ground that has remained frozen for over two years is known as _____.
A a glacier B permafrost
C snow D the Arctic

18. The acronym "EPA" stands for _____.
A Environmental Protection Agency B Economic Protectionist Association
C Environmental Pollution Agency D Economic Priority Association

19. Which nation is responsible for 25% of global emissions and is the world's heaviest polluter?
A India B The U.S.
C China D Indonesia

20. In 2005, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated the world's population to be approximately _____.
A 6.5 million B 6.5 billion
C 50 million D 9.1 billion

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