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Francois Nicolas Fourrier Violin?

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Francois Nicolas Fourrier Violin?

Postby Sayre » Sun Mar 12, 2017 2:32 pm

Francis Nicolas Fourre  

My in-law parents long-term loaned us a violin for our 12 year old to use as he is studying.  When I look inside I see is was made in 18??(last two digits are smudged) in Mirecourt, France.  (Spelled Miercourt on the violin label inside.)  Then for maker I see what appears to be Francois Nicolas Fourrier.  When I looked up the name it looked like it could be valuable.  Can you help identify if the violin is potentially valuable?  That is if it we were 2 or 3,000 then we could just have our boy use it as a nice instrument.  If it was like a 20k instrument then we'd need to make other arrangements for the instrument.  I have other images I could send.
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Francois Nicolas Fourrier Violin?

Postby Burnette » Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:28 am

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your enquiry. Before we can establish a fair market value I need some close-up photos of the top, back sides and scroll of the violin. Authenticity, condition and sound quality affect the value of your instrument.

It sounds like you might have the real thing, but let’s take a closer look.... The history sounds good, now we just need the details of workmanship and style of the violin. Make sure your photos are closeup of the body, not the neck .  Take closeup photos of both sides of the head, the scroll, no neck,  as well as the back of the scroll,   It's authenticity could be worth the 20 K you mentioned.   So send me some nice big close up photos of the instrument as requested.

Await your reply.

Stephen Derek Violin n Bow maker Santa Barbara, Ca.\
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