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Form 1120s, Schedule L

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Form 1120s, Schedule L

Postby Ahanu » Sat Dec 20, 2014 1:43 pm

s About Taxes)/Form 1120S, Schedule L Advertisement Expert: John Stancil, CPA - 1/31/2009 I am attempting to prepare my own corporate tax returns through Turbo Tax Business.  I do not understand where the figures come from in Schedule L, particularly cash at the beginning of the year and end of the year.  Do I just take that from my available balance on my bank statement?  Item 7 asks for loans to shareholders.  Previously I had an accountant prepare my returns, but when he failed to do so for 2007, I thought I would attempt to prepare them myself.  Is the loan to shareholder number the interest paid or fee paid for any loans I may have obtained over the year for which I am preparing?  Basically, I cannot understand where just about all of the figures are arrived at.  Any general assistance you can render would be most appreciated.
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Form 1120s, Schedule L

Postby Moses » Mon Dec 22, 2014 12:44 pm


Thanks for your question.

The numbers for Schedule L come from your financial records that you should be maintaining.  All of these accounts should be reflected in the corporate books.  Loans to shareholders is simply that - any corporate loans to shareholders for whatever reason.

Hope this helps.

John Stancil, CPA
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