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Postby Luc » Sat Mar 11, 2017 8:09 am

Kevin Hromas



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Postby Graent » Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:21 am

s from Kevin Hromas

2017-03-04 Maternity leave:Brooke,    First of all, congratulations on the new babies!    This really isn't so much an insurance question as it is a labor dispute.  Unfortunately, you will probably need to retain an attorney who

2016-06-22 Is it good to allow the roof company to inspect the shingle roof and claim for the replacement of single roof?:Ray,    Keep in mind that a roofing company only makes money if they put on new roofs. That person that stopped by your home is likely a "salesman" and may not even work directly for the particular roofing

2016-03-02 controlled burn negligence:Debra,    I am sorry to hear about your loss. This is a common problem with these types of burns.    Unfortunately, under the principle of LIABILITY, the only recovery you have from the responsible party

2016-02-03 Insurance Lapse on a Senior Citizen's Disabled Vehicle:Erik,    The purpose of financial responsibility laws(requirement to have car insurance) is to protect the general public and not necessarily the owner of the vehicle. If the owner(your mother) cannot

2015-12-25 hit and run:Eduardo,    You will need to talk to a probate lawyer there in Califonia and go back to whoever was the executor of your mother's will when she passed away. If they never caught the person, I am not sure  Ask A
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Postby Crom » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:36 pm

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I am a licensed, executive general adjuster currently holding a Texas resident P&C license(614250), New Mexico non-resident all lines license(248774), Oklahoma non-resident P/F/M license(A299561), Florida non-resident P&C license(E117051) and a National Flood Insurance Program certification(06040100). My areas of expertise involve property and casualty issues in both residential and commercial policies with regards to claims practices and issues. I deal extensively with Lloyd's of London commercial policies and various domestic carriers for residential policies.

Experience in the areaAfter a 20 year career as a General Contractor, I was employed by Allstate Insurance as an adjuster in Texas, holding various postitions within the property claims department. After leaving Allstate, I specialized in handling losses associated with major catastrophes through-out the country.(Hurricanes Isabel, Charlie, Wilma, Katrina, Ike, etc., hail storms, floods.) I am currently retained as an expert by multiple insurance defense firms in Texas for issues in litigation. I am also a certified Umpire for formal appraisals.

OrganizationsMember - Society of Registered Professional Adjusters Fellow - Council on Litigation Management Member - Property and Casualty Association Member - Texas Independent Insurances Adjusters Association Member - National Association of independent Insurance Adjusters Member - Houston Claims Association

PublicationsClaims Magazine(www.ClaimsMag.com and then search 'Kevin Hromas' for a full listing of articles and quotes.) www.ClaimsPages.com, www.ProAdjuster.org, www.KevinHromas.com

Education/CredentialsJD - University of Houston Law Center - 1992 BA - Southwest Texas State University - 1980 AA - South Plains College - 1977 PLCS - Personal Lines Coverage Specialist

Past/Present ClientsCertain Underwriters at Lloyd's, London, Fulbright & Jaworski(Law Firm), Bracket & Ellis(Law Firm) Thamm & O'Briant(Law Firm) Sheehy, Ware & Pappas(Law Firm) Walker, Wilcox and Matousek(Law Firm) Financial Guarantee Underwriters Average Ratings

Knowledgeability 9.95Clarity of Response 9.91Politeness 10.00Response Time(hr) 17.1Response Time(hr, last 90 days) 99.6Number of s Today 0Max s to be Asked in a Day 5Total s(since joining AllExperts) 237Volunteer Since 2010-12-21Prestige Points 3310 Recent Reviews from Users

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