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Direct Refinery Agent

The law of the sea.

Direct Refinery Agent

Postby Kynlas » Thu Nov 24, 2016 6:50 pm

How can i become a primary agent to a refinery or source / get refineries who want to buy Nigerian Crude Oil
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Direct Refinery Agent

Postby anthony89 » Thu Dec 01, 2016 1:48 am

Dear Bola

Primary agent- You work for the refinery in limited capacity. You getpaid(low) wages every week- and you do exactly as the company who employs you say- you may get a bonus on sales as well-

Intermediary- An independent person who buys from one side and sells to the other at a higher price in an effort to collect commission- you are the boss- You must know procedures pertaing to trade- and you must be prepared to wait a long time before such a deal finally happens- maybe many years; As you gain experience so will your Knowledge of the business you are in- as you trade in the open global market

As an intermediary - you need to show real skill- real skill in sourcing and real skill in selling-and real skill in producing good cleam documents- unfortunately the millions of traders world wide, maybe less than 1 percent know what they are doing- the other 99 percent are simply wasting their time effort and money-and will never see a cent in commmissions-NEVER- even if they trade for 20 years-

due to lack of procedures and Knowledge-The intermnet is great for research-its hopeless for trading with the millions of "losers" who think they have something to buy or sell- trade leads are also useless tools- You have tyo find your own customers- its that simple- And a written good old fashion letter is still a superior protocol in introducing yourself to big companies-

These deals are not easy to close-you really ahve to know what you are doing- especially in crude Oil-

You have to buy the product then resell it at a higher price, the difference of which stays in your account- and you have to do this without using a cent of your own money-

So Bola..Ask yourself a simple question-??? Do you think that you can deal in a  transaction worth 500 million dollars plus, without knowing what you are doing-???

Even with such knowledge - it's still very hard to close such a deal-Can such deals be closed..??They sure can- How..? lots of research- know your subject matter, and learn some basic "easy" export procedures pertaining to banking rules and shipping /delivery rules- Then you spend time hunting the market to find the product first- when you find the product- then find buyer to Buy it- Finding the buyer is not that hard compared with finding the product- thats really the most difficult aspect of trading commodities-

If you have basic  trading knowledge, do research- and you find a real supplier of crude oil- then the idea of being able to find a buyer is very high indeed-

If you do not want to be an intermediary, but simply a primary agent- then there is no skill involved- its simply a job- where in many countries does not really pay high- unless you become a head of an export department-to which your own salary may be incresaed-

Now undertand this important Sunmmary: YOU are not dealing in the actual commodity- but "Documents" your skill in being able to prepare and use documents is an absolute paramount protocol- in getting a particualar deal closed- and it all starts with an OFFER, then contracts, then financial insrtument documents, then comes delivery documents, and finally the deal is closed- it all about documents- unfortunately 99 percent of all world intermediaries fail miserably on documents, while they concentrate on the goods being sourced-most of which are falsely offered-using silly e-mail advice-

ICPO, RWA, LOI,POP, LOI, NC/ND..etc..etc.. and all the other nonsense on the web are wasted efforts of application-

Good documents will tell you if a product is real- if a buyer is genuine- Would you go an buy a car signing a contract that in ambiguous, sanitized, and worded incorrectly- NO..! You would not..! unfortunately many such documents exsist on the web, pertaining to deal worth millions or Billions of dollars- it all starts with the documents- get that right, and the understanding of What you are doing will all fall in place as you begin to trade-

I hope the above is of help-

kind regards

David Papa

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Direct Refinery Agent

Postby Kemp » Fri Dec 02, 2016 6:11 pm

How can i become a primary agent to a refinery or source / get refineries who want to buy Nigerian Crude Oil
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