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Direct Deposit

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Direct Deposit

Postby royal » Sat Oct 11, 2014 11:26 pm

Shirley, we have employees in the following states:


District of Columbia








North Carolina

South Carolina

Can you provide information regarding mandatory direct deposit permissibility to include whether or not it is allowed in each of the above states? Could you also include info on whether permissibility pertains to all current employees and/or only new hires as a condition of employment(that is, in formal offer letter).  So that I can have to present to management, can you give me the source you are pulling the info from?

Thanks so much.
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Direct Deposit

Postby FIynn » Sat Oct 25, 2014 2:30 am

First of all I apologize for taking so long. I was stuck on a Jury Trial and was not allowed computer access, than I got really sick and was off work a few days. I am back now. I could not find a list of all the states that I was comfortable with or that gave enough information on each state. I have researched each state labor department.

Maryland: From THE MARYLAND GUIDE TO WAGE PAYMENT AND EMPLOYMENT STANDARDShttp://dllr.maryland.gov/labor/wagepay/mdguidewagepay.doc

T.   Direct Deposit of Wages: Voluntary

With voluntary employee authorization, an employer may direct deposit wages.  Though free to encourage participation in this system, an employer may not require it.


Virginia: From Virginia Department of Labor and Industryhttp://google.virginiainteractive.org/search?num=5&client=my_collection&output=x...

Employees cannot be forced to participate in direct deposit of their wages.

www.doli.virginia.gov/laborlaw/laborlaw.html - 28k - 2009-04-01 - ______________________________________________________________________

Colorado- From Colorado Division of Laborhttp://www.coworkforce.com/lab/AB.pdf

Colorado employers may pay their employees with checks(or other instruments payable upon demand), cash, paycards, or by direct deposit into the employee’s account at a financial institution.


Direct deposits can only be made if the employee has voluntarily authorized the deposit and has chosen the financial institution into which the deposit is made.


Delaware:  From Delaware Department of Laborhttp://www.delawareworks.com/industrialaffairs/services/LaborLawEnforcementInfo....

Payment of Wages:

Wages must be paid at least once each month. Employees must be paid all wages within seven(7) days from the close of each pay period with some exceptions see Del Code Title 19, Section 1102(d). If the payday falls on a non-work day, payment shall be made on the preceding workday. If an employee is not present on the regular payday, payment shall be made on the next regular workday that the employee is present or by mail.(only if requested by the employee). Wages may be paid to a bank account designated by an employee(upon the employee's written request). ______________________________________________________________________

Pennsylvania- From Pennsylvania Department of Laborhttp://www.dli.state.pa.us/landi/cwp/view.asp?a=142&Q=64620

Regular Payday

The Act provides that every employer shall pay all wages, other than fringe benefits and wage supplements, due his/her employees on regularly scheduled paydays designated in advance by the employer. He/she shall pay in cash or by bank check.


North Carolina- From American Payroll Association Payroll Source book

Follows Federal Regulation E with no other regulations.

Federal Regulation e can be found at :http://www.fdic.gov/regulations/laws/rules/6500-3100.html#650


I will keep working on Florida, Georgia, District of Coloumbis, Kentucky and South carolina.

I know that District of Columbia and South Carolona both follow Federal Regulation E but I am not sure if they have other restrictions as well. I will keep looking.



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