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Did God create the Earth and everything in it in six literal days?

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Did God create the Earth and everything in it in six literal days?

Postby francisco » Mon Jun 04, 2012 12:33 pm

you answered your own question. yes, they were six literal 24 hour periods also called days. why are we not trusting God's own words? there will be those who quote the passage that states "a day unto God is as a thousand years and a thousand years unto God are like a day." this is wrong to use it for creation. if it were not a day, then would it not say so? use your heads people. if we believe part of the bible, what is stopping you from believing the rest. it is logical to understand that God, in all His power, could cause the whole universe, and everything in it, to come into existence with only one word. what is stopping you from understanding that God did it in that way, and in that order for a reason. He did it in six days.

i told you there would be those who would quote 2 peter 3:8. they do not truly understand. the earth is between 8222 years and 8262 years, depending on the age of moses when he was called by God to lead the israelites out of slavery. i did the math. there is 2050 years between adam and the death of joseph. just after the death of joseph, the israelites became slaves. they were slacves for 400 years before the bith of moses. i then checked the jewish callendar for the year. on the jewish callendar it is the 5772nd year since they were freed from bondage. so imput theage of moses, and you get your date. plus or minus a week.
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Did God create the Earth and everything in it in six literal days?

Postby emilek17 » Mon Jun 04, 2012 12:38 pm

IF God is real, then I see no reason why he couldn't create the world in any time he choose.
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