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Departmental Policies/meds

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Departmental Policies/meds

Postby Fearchar » Mon Jan 05, 2015 11:40 am

hey...i just wanted to follow up real quick on your answer: I'm a sales executive for alltel so i speak to groups of people all the time. I work for a high school where i am the brass instructor and i teach/conduct/supervise over 90 students. I think i may have given you the wrong impression about my prescription med usage. Aside from the dentist, i generally never take the meds i described in the question.(I don't want you to get the wrong idea) I don't have a problem with stress...I know because I encounter it every day. I have also been on several ride alongs with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and i deliberately chose their most crime-prone distict: the charlie 2 or eastway division.(and i've seen several use of forces...tasers and OC) so, I know how it is to be with the officer in the field and to be 1000% honest, i felt extremely confortable assisting the officers and i feel fully confident that this is the job for me. I hope that this clarifies my question because i was a little discouraged with your response...I'm sure it was because i didnt explain my question good enough and i didn't want you to think that i have anxiety or drug problems. ------------------------- Followup To - What say you?

i am beginning my career in law enforcement and i have a few more questions...

I'm sure each department is a little different, but what is the policy(in general) for officers that have a valid prescription for benzodiazepines?  (i.e. xanax/valium/diazepam/klonopin etc.)  [In case you don't know, these drugs are anti-anxiety/relaxant type medications, but i'm sure you know what they are.]  I have a prescription for Xanax.  (I didn't ask for them, my family doctor told me to take them for situations with tension)  

I also have a prescription for Valium/diazepam for when i go to the dentist(because i hate the dentist and its about the only place in the world where i get really really nervous, especially if i know that i will have to sit very still thru a 2 or 3 hour procedure.)  I ALWAYS TAKE VALIUM BEFORE THE DENTIST.  I absolutely hate the dentist chair and the dentist prescribed them to relax me while the procedure(s) is/are completed.  He offered the laughing gas, but i don't relish the idea of inhaling anything other than oxygen.  Now, the xanax is a different story.  I take only about a quarter of a xanax EXTREMELY RARELY, for high pressure/high anxiety occasions, such as speaking before a large audience or performing before a large audience(i'm a quasi-professional trumpet player)  So,...I'm just asking you:

1... to opine about what you think i need to disclose on my application/personal history statement.  

2... Although this is legally prescribed medication, will the fact that i have a prescription for them make me less competitive?  

3... What is the general policy about officers taking these kinds of medications?

4... Are medications as I have described earlier ever prescribed by doctors to ease the stress on officers?...in other words...do sworn officers sometimes need medications to relax?

5... and lastly...any addition suggestions or advice is most sincerely appreciated.

Thank you guys.
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Departmental Policies/meds

Postby Haggiah » Tue Jan 06, 2015 5:00 pm

- Chris:  Prescription drugs are typically not "counted" in background statements, unless you are taking someone elses meds, or you are taking more than the prescribed dose.   Many applications ask what type of prescription medication you may be taking at present or have taken in the past.  If you don't tell them, and it comes up on the urinanaylsis....then they have you for lying on the app.  So, it's always best to do "full disclosure" instead of someone finding this out midway through the process.  However, that having been said, Law Enforcement is inherently stressful on a day to day basis.  We speak to people in small groups or crowds.  We do things that stress our bodies out every single day.  My question to you, is that if you need certain meds to basically relax prior to the dentist/speaking before large crowds/etc, then how are you going to handle the stress that comes from this line of work?   It's a question you should seriously ask yourself.  Even in small "Mayberry" type departments, you will encounter stress.    Each department's policy is going to be different when it comes to taking of meds. Certain agencies will allow it, others, perhaps, will not.  Do I think it will make you less competitive?  Yes.   I would take a very hard, serious look at someone who is taking prescription medication to relax, because I well know how stressfull this profession is, and can be.  The last thing I want is someone backing me up who can't handle stress.   Other agencies may or may not feel the same way, but honestly, it's going to be an issue, I think.  I'm aware of those meds mentioned being prescribed to officers, but the difference there is a big one.  They are prescribed to those officers who have some sort of job related stress.  They are not used in every situation.  Sometimes, if it gets to the level of a doctor issuing a prescription for that reason, the officer may be relieved of duty and put in a "non stress" situation, such as filing, answering phones, etc.  Each case is different.

Best of luck,

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Departmental Policies/meds

Postby abraham90 » Tue Jan 06, 2015 8:23 pm

Chris:  That does make some difference in the question.  Without the clarification, go back and read it again and you'll perhaps see where I was coming from, and why I gave you the answer I did.    If basically the only reason you take the meds is because of the dentist, this is not as uncommon as it once was years ago, and should not be a problem, I'm thinkin.  You'll still have to disclose, but I'd be less concerned now that you've clarified.

Best of luck
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