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Delta Force on US soil?

The law of the sea.

Delta Force on US soil?

Postby forde » Wed Dec 21, 2011 5:36 pm

Hey guys!

After studying the counter-terrorism units of the United States, I think that the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team could be apart of the Army's Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta. In the United States it is illegal to use military personal as law enforcement. Delta Force is a military unit created in 1977 to resolve hostage situations by force. Since the unit is expensive to maintain, they utilize their ability's in many other military scenario's. The F.B.I. H.R.T. was created in 1983 to resolve hostage situations on U.S. soil because Delta can not legally do so. Why was Delta created in the first place if it could not resolve terrorist situations in the United States?
Everything online about HRT and Delta are strickling similar with each other. They train together and even participate in exchange programs. It would be more cost effective to have one counter terrorist unit. Rather than Delta that has an active roll in the War on Terror and HRT that trains and waits for terrorist attacks to strick the United States and participates in an occasional drug bust and manhunts. HRT and Delta could legally be the same unit. A soldier in the Army reserve can be a part time FBI Agent. Making him a law enforcement officer and soldier at the same time. It would be easy to swear in all the Delta operators as FBI Agents so they can deploy to wherever they are needed. HRT also has maritime units for counter terrorism in US waters, those operators could be apart of the Navy's DEVGRU. This could be why Delta is classified in the first place. Unlike the SAS and Spetsnaz counter-terrorism units that openly exist and operate on British and Russian soil respectively.
The name "Hostage Rescue Team," can also be a part of the puzzle. When the media is told that the FBI's "hostage rescue team" resolved the situation, they will assume the FBI is talking about HRT. However Delta is a "hostage rescue team," that may or may not be part of the FBI as well as the Army and SOCOM. This could cover up Delta activity's in the United States without lying to the public.
I am not a nutjob, Waco conspiracy theorist. I very much respect all who serve this great nation and keep us safe. My objective is to understand the inter-workings of counter terrorism unites. Please tell me what you guys think. I'm interested to hear from those of you with military experience, along with anyone else who has input.
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Delta Force on US soil?

Postby philibert63 » Wed Dec 21, 2011 5:42 pm

the point of sfod-d is counter terrorism. part of its job is to rescue US hostages abroad.
hrt is closer to a swat team, just specializes in hostage rescue and is federal. it stays in US territory
why would the us bother with a cover up? you might as well say that since infantry guys patrol the streets of iraq that cops are actually army infantry but just "undercover" in a blue uniform.
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Delta Force on US soil?

Postby vruyk » Wed Dec 21, 2011 5:44 pm

what would be the point of lying about that? why would HRT and Delta be one in the same when they could be seperate (as they are)

that would be a lot of cover up work and it just would not be worth it
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Delta Force on US soil?

Postby fionnbharr » Wed Dec 21, 2011 5:49 pm

lol the fbi and military do work together alot but when it comes down to it if you want to have exirence with terriosm join the army trust me they look down on guys who went straight to fbi my friends were actually qualified and on the special forces for awhile
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Delta Force on US soil?

Postby alleyne » Wed Dec 21, 2011 5:53 pm

Honestly , FBI HRT is no where as good as good as Delta.Getting in to HRT is also easier than getting into Delta.Not saying HRT is not hard to get into, but HRT is nowhere as well trained as Delta,or Even Army SF.

Delta was created for anti terrorism, and hostage situations abroad.

HRT is apart of a law enforcement agency.They follow a whole different set of rules, and their training is way different.

I do not think HRT candidates have to ruck 40 miles a day for their selection process, but Delta candidates do.

Delta can operate on US Soil as long as it is not a domestic occurrence.

your doing way to much and getting things mixed up.

I do know even know what your talking about really.

FBI HRT agents cannot be apart of Delta Or DevGru.DevGru and Delta are MILES! and MILES way ahead of HRT.

I do not think HRT can be inserted into a combat scenario via HALO jump from thousands of feet up, I do not think HRT is trained to do diving operations, I do not think HRT is trained to do long ruck marches, etc etc. the list goes on.

I do not see why your trying to put together Delta and Devgru with HRT.

They are not the same. Who cares if Delta does a hostage rescue operation in the US, as long as no one knows, then who cares.

your making things to complicated than they really are.

right now things are fine. HRT is doing their job, which is being a Special Team for Law Enforcement type duties first.

and Delta And DevGru are doing their things as top notch special operations counter terrorism units.

and this has been going on for years with no problems, and lets just eave it at that.
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Delta Force on US soil?

Postby abisha » Wed Dec 21, 2011 6:04 pm

You are missing one extreme difference.

the FBI HRT is trained to arrest terrorist if possible.

Delta is trained to kill the terrorist.

Plus delta is not just a anti terrorist team. They have other missions.

And delta operates outside the US

There is alot of dirfference between thre HRT operating inside the US

And Delta having to operate in 3rd world countries, that may not want the US to operate there.
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