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Crossword puzzle answers ?

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Crossword puzzle answers ?

Postby jocheved » Wed Apr 11, 2012 6:01 pm

1. Treaty that temporarily divided Vietnam (two words)
6. Postponement of military service
7. "Spread of communism" theory
9. Advocate of using all-out force to win the Vietnam War
11. Class status of most U.S. soldiers sent to Vietnam
12. Resolution giving Johnson military powers (2 words)
15. Opponent of U.S. military action in Vietnam
16. Diem's regime was toppled by a ____
17. Gasoline-based toxic chemical widely used by U.S.
forces in Vietnam
2. Advocated "Peace with honor"
3. Toxic leaf-killing chemical sprayed over Vietnam (2 words)
4. Gap between Johnson administration statements and actual conditions in Vietnam
5. The majority of Vietnamese practiced this religion
8. What Ho Chi Minh used to transport supplies
10. Act curbing presidential military muscle (2 words)
13. U.S. approach to troop withdrawal during the period of "Vietnamization"
14. The___ Indochina War was waged to regain Vietnam
15. Selective Service System
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Crossword puzzle answers ?

Postby bernd » Wed Apr 11, 2012 6:03 pm

d 2 nixon
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