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Could It Get Any Worse? Those Of Us Who Have Medical Insurance Must Rely On The Insurance Company To Give The O.k. For

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Could It Get Any Worse? Those Of Us Who Have Medical Insurance Must Rely On The Insurance Company To Give The O.k. For

Postby Alon » Thu Mar 06, 2014 9:02 pm

It is outrageous that bureaucrats, whose promotions depend on withholding medical care from those who need it, are calling the shots.   As a firm believer in finding cathartic relief via the performing arts, may I share with you two artistic treatments of the outrage you describe, one serious and one outrageously funny:   The Rainmaker(1997) - Matt Damon plays Rudy Baylor, a young rookie lawyer in Memphis who takes on a powerful insurance company(led by a sharklike lawyer played by Jon Voight) by representing the family of a boy who was denied potentially life-saving treatment for leukemia.  [The sleazy Big Insurance Company has denied his claim and betting that they will not press the matter. They bet wrong!]  There?s no mystery about where this plot is going, but Coppola takes us there in high style with a sharp script, and Damon strikes just the right note of naivete and strategic intelligence. When Goliath inevitably falls, this courtroom David wins fair and square.   Toe-to-Toe With the HMO - a hilarious song by the Bitchin? Babes.  Here are the lyrics:   I have this problem with my toe And so I call my HMO With a referral from My primary care physician. They say my call matters to them They?re like an old and trusted friend Except friends don?t make you ask Them for permission.   Now the recording on the phone Says "Leave a message at the tone. Tell us your name, your age, Your reason for submission." So I describe my nail ingrown, Wax poetic on the phone. This is a metaphor For the whole human condition: Tender, Sensitive, Painful. Now I?m listening to Brahms(music to keep the caller calm), Starting to see things from The stockholder?s perspective. Should I stop thinking of myself While they are managing my health, While an accountant finds a treatment That?s cost-effective? Hallelujah, I rejoice! Is this a living human voice? Talking to me Like I?m a sweet, annoying female. I plead my best bureaucratese. I would be down upon my knees ?Cept I?d be leaning on this poor, throbbing toenail: Painful, Purple, Festering. As for my coverage, they say no: This is a pre-existing toe. My policy excludes All things pre-existing. So if I want the claim approved, The toe will have to be removed, Which they believe may keep The problem from persisting.   This makes my doctor quite irate. Why should he have to amputate? In his opinion, this condition could Be better handled. And as for me?I don?t know... I?d kinda like to keep the toe. I spent a fortune on these Gorgeous Gucci sandals - Sexy, Size 6, Retail. I have been waiting patiently. Why aren?t you listening to me? Can?t you see that it?s Trying my endurance? I?m only asking to be heard. "Hostage" is such an ugly word! I would much prefer Living Health Insurance.     I want the orthopedic shoe. I want the Prozac approved, too! This managed care is managing To make me hostile. You?ve put me off far too long! I?ll fix your ass; I?ll write a song About a nine-toed woman Who goes postal! Crazy, Uzi, Bell tower...   You can hear a snippet of the song(Track 4) here:   http://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Bitchin-Four-Babes/dp/B00004SQZR/ref=sr_1_4/102-2194791-5206536?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1186161629&sr=1-4     Also, the song is performed on the group?s DVD(see below).     In closing, I urge you not to give up the fight.
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Could It Get Any Worse? Those Of Us Who Have Medical Insurance Must Rely On The Insurance Company To Give The O.k. For

Postby Yoel » Wed Mar 19, 2014 3:47 pm

When my daughter had her tonsils out, we had her surgery pre-approved through insurance. The anesthesiologist had a wreck on the way to the hospital so someone else filled in. Even though the replacement doctor was on the approved list of doctors, our insurance refused to pay because it was an unapproved change.
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