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Could I be charged for throwing things and yelling at someone?

Defamation Law Discussion Forum

Could I be charged for throwing things and yelling at someone?

Postby regenweald » Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:10 pm

Would it be illegal to go to a persons (teenagers) work (ice cream parlor) order ice cream and then throw it at them while yelling derogatory names?

A little background: this person is mean to the bone. Trust me, their home life is not an issue they are not insecure and nothing traumatic has happened in their life. It's just a classic *****. I've known this person for too long and they are just evil in their core. This person has harassed me and some friends with text messages and messages on our cars with us saying or doing nothing in return. Then the person visited one friends work and screamed offensive names at the person with them doing nothing. Then the person brought seven people with them to a different friend of mines work threw things at her and screamed names at her and laughed. She also has attacked me them and others multiple times online. Let me be clear on this: none of us have instigated the personal attacks or made any attempt to make contact with the *****. But she doesn't stop. Our parents want us to get restraining orders but we'd rather get even.

I don't want a lecture or alternative solutions I just want to know if my friends an I could get in legal trouble for going to her work ordering ice cream and then throwing it at her while yelling things. Most importantly, if I could get in trouble what would I be charged with? It's not a repeated offense so it's not harassment, it's not threatening so it's not assault, and it's not false statements so it's not libel or slander. Right?
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Could I be charged for throwing things and yelling at someone?

Postby hackett » Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:13 pm

It is assault, and it is battery
You can be arrested and you can be sued for damages

Get the RO, it attaches to their record, and can screw up their chances of employment and other issues
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Could I be charged for throwing things and yelling at someone?

Postby porter » Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:24 pm

You're throwing things, so it's assault, you're making a screaming, yelling fuss so it's public disturbance. Your parents are right and you idiots are wrong. Getting even seldom works. SHE'S going to call the cops and YOU are the ones who will get in trouble, because nobody will believe that you let her do all this crap and never reported it.
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